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  1. Rust on Mk5 Golf

    No pics, but next time i will take a pic or two. One is a beautiful old yellow E36 bodied M3. Unnoticeable really, but the waxoyling is clear to see and the lack of wheel arch protectors is obvious once it was pointed out, but otherwise no one would think to notice. I wouldn't have thought the aerodynamics of the car would be impaired in any way either, as i'm sure after 10 years or more he would have noticed and mentioned it. I am having my GTi done next week, but I think I will wait and see what the experts say about leaving off the wheel arch protectors. Will take a pic or two of mine when it is done if anyone is interested.
  2. Rust on Mk5 Golf

    Tarmac-Terrorist, I know a couple of lads with BMWs who have had their cars waxoyled and then opted to leave the wheel arch liners off. Apparently, this is a safer option. In their opinion, as you said, the wheel arch liners cause the very problem they are supposed to prevent.
  3. Rust on Mk5 Golf

    Hi there has anyone waxoyled or rustproofed their car? if so, does it work and is it worth doing sooner rather than later? cheers tasker