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  1. VW Passat losing power! blocked turbo?

    not sure what u mean, it is diesel yes
  2. VW Passat losing power! blocked turbo?

    vw passat estate 2.0 tdi 2008
  3. VW Passat losing power! blocked turbo?

    Hi, im writing on behalf of my friend who has just had her car back from the vw dealer. she bought it 2 weeks ago, and after only a week the car lost power and stopped. She returned the car to the dealer and they kept it for a week and have given her it back today and said there was a block in the turbo and if it happens again she should take the keys out and wait 5 mins before trying again! Surely they should have fixed the problem? the solution cant just be to take the keys out can it? also what is it that can block the turbo? any advice would be great, thanks