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  1. Cote D'Azur (now booked!) - get your tips in please

    He says he knows it well....His initial thoughts were......"Great choice for a family holiday"! He will get back with more stuff.
  2. Cote D'Azur (now booked!) - get your tips in please

    He's just sent another text....He asks.....Where are you staying? He will check it out if you want?
  3. Cote D'Azur (now booked!) - get your tips in please

    Just sent him a message, he's over there at the minute. He will make you a list when he gets back. Hope that's okay. :D
  4. Cote D'Azur (now booked!) - get your tips in please

    My friend had a place in Cannes. I will ask him for you. Not been yet cause my Wife's Sister has a place just along the coast in Antibes so we stay there. We haven't really been down that end, we head the other direction into Monaco and Italy (as her hubby is Italian).
  5. Number Plate for Sale

    I have no words.....
  6. @DRIVE meets Pagani

    I'm such a muppet! The second video is what I meant to post! I copied the format and forgot to change the code!
  7. @DRIVE meets Pagani

    Love this too
  8. Simply rediculous ability!

    They don't come much cooler than these guys!!!!
  9. A garage.

    'The chicks dig it'! Really? As said above.....What a waste! You can't buy taste I guess......
  10. Any interest in a summer meet?

    Yey Buxton! On my doorstep (for once).
  11. Never meet your 'hero' car ...

    I have (in the past) been disappointed with cars that I expected better or more from. For example; my friend took me out in his (ahem, borrowed) Ferrari 360 Spider. I expected to be blown away but it did nothing for me. Although it was not a 'hero' car of mine. Same happened in a friends Caterham, the grip was amazing but performance wa, wa waaaaa.....Maybe together we weighed a bit too much for it (had a 1000cc Honda Fireblade engine in it), not sure but..... Back to the original question.......I have to say my hero was always the E30 M3 from when I was a teenager watching them at Donnington, Silverstone, Brands etc. All my favourite drivers drove them (Hoy, Minshaw, Sytner) and nothing looked like them or sounded like them. I finally got one and fell in love all over again. Absolutely loved it every bit as much as I thought I would. (Not that mine is anything like those track monsters but the DNA is there certainly).That was nearly eight years ago (April) and I can't ever envisage a situation that would warrant me parting with it. I have a similar crush on the Quattro Sport but never been in one. However, one car I was expecting fireworks from and wasn't disappointed was my friends Supercharged Atom.....OMGoodness!!!!!! Most bonkers thing I have ever been in.
  12. Messi

    Unstoppable! 232 goals beating the previous record which has stood since the 1940s. 48 goals in 40 games!
  13. Am I being harsh?

    Whilst not wanting appear sycophantic in any way......If it were my company, my money I would be shelling out, my clients I needed to satisfy.......etc. etc... I would be equally as strict! I think there is a problem with the 'will do'....till do' attitude. Too many seem satisfied with mediocrity. Good luck with your (ahem) quest. Hold out for the right person, I wish I was in that field, sounds like a great opportunity.
  14. Not your typical parent v child problem

    There but for the grace........as they say. Thank you for those words. We are having major issues with kids at the moment, although under different circumstances but the same message and final outcomes.
  15. Mog Musings (Morgan company newsletter)

    Now that is funny!