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  1. S4 brushed wing mirrors vandalised

    Ian_C I am actually tempted to go down that route, don't get me started on the run of bad luck I have had recently! Bought a CCTV cam which the Royal Mail has manage to lose in the depot as it was return due to me not being in to collect it. Bought a wing mirror from eBay and the seller is arguing that I have not made the payment even though it clearly states on my account it has been paid. I read that the later mirror casings were different and cheaper than the 1st batch they made. If I were to get my hands on some Electric and heated A4 ones and buy separate casings I think I am still going to miss out on the auto dimming feature, guess I'll just have to suck it up.
  2. S4 brushed wing mirrors vandalised

    Wow....£550 just for the OEM casing.. Audi told me that the casing and the wing mirror was 1 unit £270+VAT and the glass £130+VAT. Can't see how the casing is £550 alone. Cheers for the info though Chav Anyone know how the auto dimming feature works? Would I need to find specific glass for this feature?
  3. S4 brushed wing mirrors vandalised

    Yup, struggling like hell to find anything. I don't understand why they would steal them. They can't be used for anything now as they are broken. The only useful thing is the glass. I putting it down to some jealous person, disgusting and so low to do this. Guess I'll have to keep checking ebay.
  4. Hi guys, I am absolutely raving that some scumbag decided to break off both my wing mirrors earlier this week and steal them. (Audi S4 2003). They only targeted my car as all other cars in the street are untouched. Come to ask if anyone can shed some light on how I can get some more. Audi quoted me £960 for both which is a total rip off and nearly gave me a heart attack. I have searched forums high and low, all the posts on here about them are too old to be any good since vagparts is gone etc. Does anyone know if any other model mirror fits the S4, such as the S6/RS6 of the same year. (think they are folding but not sure if that will hinder how they fit) or even as a final straw get some nasty A4 ones and coat the casing. It's frustrated the crap out of me, not only is it causing me additional expense but I can't legally drive my car either. Cheers for your time.