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  1. New R - complete lack of interest here

    Hate to break it to you guys...but VW UK are having a lend of you. The Golf R is cheaper than the Audi S3 in Australia! ...and doing a direct currency conversion its cheaper again even including our exhorbitant Government taxes and having to ship it all the way over here.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if someone with factory fitted Rear Parking Sensors would be able to measure something quickly for me. I am looking for the actual centre to centre distance between the sensors on the rear Euopean spec bumper (i.e. with the long Euro license plate opening size) That is the only measurement I require - the horizontal centre to centre distance. Unfortunately no Pheatons ever sold in Australia so I can't just pop out and look at one. (Just fitting sensors to another car and want to make sure I get the distance correct.) Thanks for your assistance.
  3. Mk4 Engine death

    Just to clarify an additional technical point on the 4 motion gearbox for any future readers. The gearbox is not correctly filled if you just drain the oil and refill to the oil filler hole. There is an additional step in the tech manual to get the correct level into the front transfer case which shares the same oil, as slapbladder has said. Naturally these steps apply if the car is level on a hoist, NOT just jacked up in the driveway with ANY wheels still on the ground! DO NOT START AND ENGAGE GEARS IF ANY WHEELS ARE STILL ON THE GROUND AS HALDEX WILL STILL TRANSFER DRIVE!!!! Briefly: Top up oil to lower level of filler hole Refit plug Start engine - engage gear and allow gearbox to turn for approximately 2 minutes Stop engine Remove plug Top up oil to lower level of filler hole. Refit plug
  4. Disappearing water Coolant...

    The coolant may not show a leak into the car if the heat exchanger is busted inside the unit...there is still the fluid drainhole going through the firewall for the evaporator condensation. In any event, if it was leaking in there you would certainly smell the coolant inside the car. You now need to be looking for any sign of dried coolant anywhere on the engine from top to bottom. There will be that telltale whitish stain. This could just be a tiny weep somewhere (not enough to actually drip on the ground). A guy on vortex had a porous block, but that would be exceedingly unlikely: VWvortex Forums: Finn's -Motor install-due to coolant leak-pourous block
  5. Mk IV FIS -factory fitted - question

    Rachel is talking about the MFA. That's all we got in Australia.
  6. Mk IV FIS -factory fitted - question

    You may be correct about the tone of the warning, I only heard it once about 3 years ago. I was mainly implying in my comments that there was definitely some sort of tone and extra warning with the MFA, which appears to not be active with my FIS
  7. Mk IV FIS -factory fitted - question

    I'm sure someone will.
  8. Mk IV FIS -factory fitted - question

    I am just trying to establish something. I had a half height cluster (MFA) fitted originally, but now I have retrofitted an FIS. On the MFA, when the hatch was opened there was a simple warning light. One day I was driving down the road and the hatch was not fully closed. A warning gong and a warning message also popped up in the MFA saying "HATCH OPEN" (or words to that effect) at the time. (similar to the "HANDRAKE ON" warning you get. The new FIS has the car diagram of course with the "hatch open" lit up on it. I tried driving with the hatch ajar the other day to see if I still had the gong as well, but only the coloured hatch open car symbol remained. There was no warning gong or other warning in this case. I am just wondering whether the factory fitted one also comes up with the gong etc if the hatch is ajar, and you are driving down the road? Could you possibly test yours? Of course, the hatch is not completely open when you are driving, it just needs to be only clicked shut to the first click (the car diagram will show its open, but if you pull on the hatch it stays shut)
  9. Just looking for someone on here who has a factory fitted FIS full height display in their Mk IV cluster (presumably someone with factory fitted sat nav ) I just have a question if you could possibly check something for me - might involve a quick roadtest to find out information. I will PM question to you. Thanks
  10. A few cluster questions for Mark IV owners..

    Thanks, I have all the bits ready to go, just getting some other wiring organised at the same time.
  11. A few cluster questions for Mark IV owners..

    Thanks Rachel. I will be very interested to see what the difference is.
  12. A few cluster questions for Mark IV owners..

    Hi Rachel! My ECU details from VAGCOM scan: Part No. SW: 022 906 032 FC HW: 02. 09. 03 Component: Motronic ME7.1.1G 5519
  13. A few cluster questions for Mark IV owners..

    Just to update this post. For emission light -R32 in Australia only complies with Euro 2 and we have a different ECU. The engine ECU generates the emission light test function on the EU 4 engines e.g. UK spec. The seat belt chime is always on in my car because the buckle is hardwired to the cluster. It is not programming related, it is a simple wire. Blue T32 Pin 31
  14. Mark V oil sensor question

    Do you have a Mark V R32 with the oil sensor fitted in the sump? If so, can you please advise where the harness runs up the side of the engine from it? What I mean is, is it fed down around the gearbox bell housing side (same as most four cylinders) or does it come up the pulley side of the block (like the Mark IV wiring did)???? It seems that the Aussie ones don't have the sensor fitted, otherwise I'd look myself! Just trying to work out what clamps/heatwrap etc I need to fit one. Thanks for any information/photos.
  15. R32 MK iv (HOW MANY ARE THERE)

    I doubt that Rachel, as the Kiwi ones have the Eurospec engine codes, not "BML" like ours. The rest of world figures would be included in the difference to the total. Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc etc