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  1. Garage wrecks R8

    Thanks for advice to all posters. As you can imagine, trying to remain calm in such circumstances is difficult, but I am trying to negotiate a satisfactory permanent replacement for starters and to get the garage to put down in writing exactly how they are going to achieve this on a like for like or better basis. I have already briefed my lawyer but asked him to hold fire until we have written details of the garage's intentions. For the moment the garage is making the right noises as their Directors have a brand image to protect. It is approaching 2 weeks since the incident occurred and we have not, as yet, been visited by an assessor although it is thought to be a write off by the repair shop.
  2. Garage wrecks R8

    I have asked the question and was informed he is a fully qualified R8 technician and has been on a driving course but I have no way of checking that out as I will be at the mercy of the garage to provide the supporting evidence. I also spoke with the copper who attended the scene who informed me that a witness said it went into a spin from a standing start at some traffic lights (the first set of lights as you leave the garage). From personal experience I know that driving the R8 takes time time to master, but once you get used to them they are a dream. Early experiences I had with clutch and throttle co-ordination were comical as the sensitivity of the accelerator and the clutch caused me problems. Whether it was deliberate reckless driving or a genuine mistake there is only one person who truly knows what happened. I do have a very nice courtesy vehicle but its not an R8. I will be working on that this week.
  3. Garage wrecks R8

    Thanks for good advice. I'm trying to adopt a reasonable approach, which as you can imagine is quite difficult as it was a one car accident which leads one to believe that there has been an element of recklessness during the test drive . As you say, its early days but there has been a marked shift in their approach as they realise the true financial implications of the incident. I will start to ramp things up and follow your advice by getting as many interested parties involved as possible. This garage's reputation is on the line right now. I am sure most posters on this forum would think twice before sending their cherished vehicle to a workshop with this kind of skeleton in its cupboard.
  4. Garage wrecks R8

    Do you think that the garage should be able to avail themselves of the benefit of my gap insurance? Particularly as I paid the premium. If there is a shortfall I was reckoning on suing the garage for the difference between their insurance settlement and the cost of a satisfactory replacement vehicle. I was worried that my next GAP premium would be affected if I made a claim, particularly as it is such a high value claim. Any thoughts?
  5. Garage wrecks R8

    Its an 08 plate and I do have gap insurance but that is in my name. The garage has admitted full responsibility, the police have been involved but are less than interested as it is a one car accident with no injuries. They have said that it would be difficult to prove that the car was being driven wrecklessly as the conditions were extremely hazardous at the time (heavy rainfall). There are so many questions that the garage is failing to answer to my satisfaction, particularly with regard to the test drive being undertaken in intense rainfall. The car is (was) immaculate with only 17k on clock and not a mark on the bodywork or alloys. It is a real shame that such a beautiful piece of engineering will now be broken up and used for spares. Will keep you updated on how things are starting to resolve themselves.
  6. Garage wrecks R8

    I thought this only happened to other people. After leaving my immaculate R8 at a service centre for a routine dashboard trim replacement I had the phone call that any R8 owner would dread. "Sir, I have some bad news, your car has been involved in a road traffic accident" "How bad an accident?" "Sorry don't know as yet" "Anyone hurt" "No but our driver is shaken up" "What about the third party" "Urm ............ the car went into a spin in the wet conditions and hit a lamp-post":ffs: My car is believed to be a write off at the time of posting. I know its a long shot but just wondered if anyone had experienced or knows anyone who has experienced anything similar and how the matter was sensibly resolved. Informed opinion will be greatly appreciated.