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  1. vw golf mark 4 problems

    hi i was seeing if u chould help me with this issue ive got with my car the other day my exhaust emmissions warning lamp came on, anyway had RAC come out to have a look the old guy plugged his lap top thing into car a came up with a fault which was AIR FLOW METER he reset the light etc...the car drive fine before and after it came on ... done 65miles since then and once again cam back on... hes 90% sure its the AIR FLOW METER etc... the car still drives fine i was just seeing if the car will be ok to drive untill i get the chance to get this new meter etc.. scotty
  2. Mass Air Flow Sensor.....GT TDi 130

    hi im seeing if anyone can help me with this problem ive got my golf gti had a warning light come on its been put onto a computer / rac and the fault come back as a faulty AIR FLOW METER the car drive fine as i havent seen or felt any issues with the car etc.. will the car be ok to drive till i get the chance to get a new meter etc scotty