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  1. Rust on Mk5 Golf

    I need to get back to them to ask why they lied about not covering cars over 5 years old and why they are operating double standards. I had hoped that I would hear of lots of people having got it done completely free, but I've only found one. I'm not letting this one drop, so they have one chance to make things right. If not, I will get the work done (£217 quoted), and pursue VW via the small claims court whilst involving the likes of pistonheads and honest john et al throughout the process. Getting VW in the media spotlight might force them into being fairer about how they decide whether or not to repair a car. One thing to be careful about - if you leave it too long pursuing VW, that £217 repair will become more like £1,000 for a new tailgate as the rust keeps spreading
  2. Rust on Mk5 Golf

    Three_Mike and ahankins - I too have the boot lid rust, but am having problems with VW... VW tried to fob me off by saying that the boot badge had impact damage - which was cr*p, so I contacted customer services who sent out an independend paint assessor who confirmed that it is not through rust, hence not covered by the 12 year paint warranty. VW said that they cannot pay goodwill on any car over 5 years old (apparently a 5 year old car would only receive 25%). This appears to be a lie, since at least one member on mk5golfgti has a car as old as mine (05) and got the work fully paid for by VW. How old/what mileage are both of your gti's? I'm looking to get as much proof that they are fobbing me off as possible before I get back to them Cheers, Jim