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  1. New BMW arriving shortly

    cheers for the replies guys.....ive been reading about remapping and it looks interesting,particularly as it might increase mpg...anybody tried it ?......also as i said im having some MV3 alloys and the guy at the garage said he recommends larger wheels for the back axle.....never knew this seems to be the norm,is it worth the extra ton to buy em......by the way the garage is not making owt on them theyre just fitting em for me.......any thoughts ?
  2. New BMW arriving shortly

    Hi folks..... excited about my new acquisition. Its an 07 3 series 330d SE coupe Auto,metalilc black with black leather...all the usual trimmings,im having M sport alloys as im not a fan of the SE alloys,think theyre about 500 quid inc tyres.....does anyone know anywhere cheaper I was wanting an Msport but couldnt find one at right money,so i took a test drive in this SE and talk about powerful !thats why im getting the m alloys to satisfy my sporty taste....was wondering what mpg,s people were getting....cos that is the only downside to gettin the 3.0L....I can live with 40+ mpg.....whereas the 2.0L returns around 50mpg so im led to believe....prob getting it in a week...........so will post a few pics if i can find a nice country backdrop. thanks in anticipation.....Karmad