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  1. Hi all, ok update ! I have managed to get the reverse can up and running in my rnse but I still have 1 yellow wire coming out of the box no idea where it goes. The xan hi and li must be right otherwise no image, but the image quality is crap see pics of it and where yellow wire comes from, when starting the engine image flickers do may need a relay I think. Once I get this image right I need to enable auto switching in rnse as at the moment I have to manually select TV
  2. Hi, need advice please urgently I got something real spooky going on. I installed a strip of EL wire to my car to see if it was a possible future mod for everyone. I wired it up to the light side off one of my interior switches the brown and grey. In the daytime with my sidelights on it works perfectly no issues at all and all looks promising but now again tonight the same as last night as soon as it gets dark the El wire flashes on and off along with the lighting behind my switches and ciggy lighter. This is so strange as all day yesterday and today it was perfect. Does the B7 have some sort of sensor for night time ambient lighting even though it's all active in daylight when you switch lights on. Feels like a poltergeist is in my car lol. Give me a heads up guys please what's wrong Thanks, Si
  3. Hello all

    Hi, thought I better say hi to everyone!! Hope I can get some help with this Dietz lit I bought before I burn it lol Si
  4. Hi, anyone fitted a Dietz 1417 with a can bus box to an Audi rnse ? I have the stuff with a rear cam all installed but the wire colours on the I at ructions online are different to the ones I got. Any advice would be very much appreciated , Thanks Si
  5. Camshaft seal oil leak - AFB 2.5 tdi

    Hi do you have a picture where this plug is situated please ? Thanks, Simon