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  1. I would be grateful if anyone could help me, i bought my first car which had to be the MK4 Golf 1.4 X reg , but not even a month in I'm tearing my hair out thinking I've bought a lemon of a car. My problem began with it overheating one afternoon the temp gauge hit 130 i let it cool down and managed to bring it home without much damage. I've looked for the tell tell signs if my head gasket is blown including checking my oil to see if it is watery or there is toothpaste type residue, misfiring and loss of fluids at normal temp. None are present but what i do know is that when my car overheats near 130 i can hear the expansion tank bubbling away is this normal when the car overheats or a sign for head gasket problems? Another problem is that my fan doesn't seem to kick in when the car begins to overheat, i replaced the fan switch and the thermostat however with no luck i can't seem to get the fan to kick in, however when i've tested the fan by bypassing the switch and it works perfectly. Also when the car is above 90 the radiator tubing pipes one is boiling warm and the other one is stone cold, but the radiator itself is stone cold as well is this normal? does this mean i either have a airlocked radiator or a damaged one? I am taking it to the garage on Monday however my mind keeps wondering whether it is a blown head gasket so i'd like to get some more opinions hopefully to put my mind at ease. Note i bought the car from a previous who hardly ever drove the car it was stuck in central london and she drove that car less than a 1000 miles a year if that helps.