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  1. e46 m3/e90 330i/e87 130i

    I already read it a couple of weeks ago
  2. e46 m3/e90 330i/e87 130i

    Shame its not a M Sport but it was massively under budget and really quite undervalued (the owner used wewantanyrcar.com as his valuation + £200!) so I went to have a look.....at night......at a dirty car.....! Ok it was only dust and dirt from where the car had been sitting under a tree for a couple of days but under the petrol station lights (and my torch) it looked very very clean if you looked past the dust and dirt (a contradiction in terms I know!) Drives spot on and rides well considering it has run flats, is a good spec, has all the documentation and history, 2 keys, HPI clear etc. Apart from a small scratch on the bottom of the rear bumper and a small mark on the front wing I couldn't fault it. After a fairly decent and varied test drive I knew I wanted it. A deal was struck and I am due to collect in less than 2 weeks time It would have been sooner but I have to wait for my buyer to collect the M3 first. I thought I'd start a journal even though 1) I don't have the car just yet! & 2) I'm sure it's going to be nowhere near as interesting or as long as my previous M3 journal! Basic spec of the car: 2005 (55 Reg) 330i SE 62,500 miles Monaco Blue Metallic Black leather interior SE trim (with all the usual stuff you get) BMW Professional CD/Radio CD changer Heated leather seats Electric lumbar support Brake assist Exterior handle illumination Rear Park Distance Control Headlight wash Auto lights Auto wipers Bluetooth phone prep (God send!) Cruise control Shame it hasn't got sports seats but can't complain for the price I got it for. I have a few plans for it especially as it came in way under budget I don't have any pictures yet but here are the pics lifted off the advert. I pick the car up in just over a week.
  3. e46 m3/e90 330i/e87 130i

    Decision made and a deposit paid on a beautiful 330i SE in Monacao Blue
  4. e46 m3/e90 330i/e87 130i

    It's a hard choice but I'm leaning towards the 330i, it's bigger, more practical and looks classier.
  5. e46 m3/e90 330i/e87 130i

    Here's an odd one - according to Evo magazine the 330i laps the West Circuit of Bedford Autodrome faster than a 130i does. I've just dug out both of their tests and the 330i is the more composed car when driving fast. Heavier car + slightly less power. I suppose the general set up of the larger 330i seems to make for a better car on the limit.
  6. e46 m3/e90 330i/e87 130i

    135i are way out of budget and I don't want a coupe - I prefer the breadvan looks of the hatchback. I am leaning towards the 130i or 330i as the prefered choices and it's a difficult decision to make. I might just buy the best car out of the two models I find within budget and spec I suppose. R32 was a bit of a wild card choice but I see your point there. Strangely enough my M3 seems to be making a fightback for keeping it. It feels so bloody good to drive at the moment
  7. e46 m3/e90 330i/e87 130i

    Whilst the 120d makes sense I'm not ready for a derv. We have a 320d M Sport that is the family workhorse and that covers around 20k p/a. 80% of my journeys are fun so I'm not giving up on petrol yet!
  8. e46 m3/e90 330i/e87 130i

    I currently drive an e36 M3 Evo which is being sold in the next few weeks. It's my 3rd one and I've owned these cars for 5 years and I feel like a change. So what do I get next? I've driven e46 M3, 120d M, 320d M and a VW Golf R32 - all of them at the Nurbugring and all have impressed me (particularly the 120d!!) I can't stop looking at 130i/330i/e46 M3s on auto trader of late and really it's got to be one of them but I do like the Golf R32s as well. Thoughts, experiences, opinions please. e46 M3 is the obvious choice but whilst IMO it is a much better car than the e36 I'd be replacing it with it's still a very similar car fundamentally. Whilst I would love one I'm thinking the slower but newer 130i or 330i might actually be just as much fun with less running costs (or am I way off the mark there?) I don't really care about outright speed. I had seriously considered the 120d M sport but the only real mileage I do is when I'm on Euro trips or 'ring trips and I'm not quite ready for committing to diesel just yet. Also I can't justify having a track toy and a daily car so whatever I get has to do it all, perhaps with more emphasis on daily confort more than outright track ability. I test drove a 130i M Sport (manual) today as well as a 330i M Sport (auto) and I loved them both. Oddly enough the 330i auto felt faster than the 130i manual, but I loved the 1ers more vocal and direct character (330i felt quite muted). I was VERY impressed by the 3.0 lump, silky smooth and had a great sound to it. My budget isn't huge - 8k but could push it to 9k if I really had to. The cars within my budget are average/high average 1ers or high mileage 3ers. Incidently the 1 I drove today was 20k and the 3 was 122k but you'd be hard pressed to know it had covered that kind of mileage compared to the way the low mileage 1 drove. As for a Golf R32 - would this car satisfy me as much as the RWD BMWs do and would? (The VW V6 sounds so good though) Enough rambling from me - what do you lot think?