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  1. I really should know better than to post spam on here, so I promise not to do it again.
  2. I spoke to the owner at a local VW, He basically said the following.... Drive train is the same as the tiguan, engine is stronger, brakes are larger and it weighs about the same - There is a bunch of arguments out there and some have claimed to be successful. one person noted that they installed a hitch from a GTI and it fit perfectly between the pipes.?!?! So my goal here his to not open another debate but reach out to anyone that has gotten one installed and any pics would be awesome. ALSO, I spoke to The main facility of Uhaul in Arizona, They claim that if I bring the car into this main facility, they will fabricate one for free. Only I live on the other side of the USA. So....If anyone here is interested in getting this accomplished, I can give the contact info, names etc.
  3. :ffs:With the exception of 1 person going through the license plate, I have yet to find a hitch that will fit in the r32 (at least by specs) Someone mentioned in 1 forum that the GTI hitch / towbar will fit with the reciever going right between the tail pipes. I can only have 1 car so I will need to tow a small trailer for home depot visits. I want to make this happen. Even if I need to have it fabricated. Anyone try the GTI Hitch...Please post some pics. R32 ONLY!! 2008.