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  1. variable vane turbo

    i had an overboost problem that the ecu should control but because the actuator was set incorrectly it could not stop the overboost and it was jacking the valves open and losing a cylinder and smoking so i replaced lifters and then the oil pump and then had the valves replaced head skimmed and back together and still had the valves jacking up!!!!aarrgh finally i spent the most of a night reading into actuators as mine was like new and the turbo was not, anyway whoever replaced it set it up wrong,saying that the money i spent has given me great mpg and the valves and guides did need attention,hope this helps,my mate is a diesel engineer and any problems you have then just let us know and i will ask him,he's in manchester and you won't find a better mechanic.
  2. variable vane turbo

    yes the alh engine has the vvt turbo which produce 90-110 bhp depending on actuator setting.