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  1. Rear light cluster arrrgh

    Hi Mook Thanks for the reply; I'm a bit confused now(which isn't difficult for me) the lugs which I refer to are not part of the cluster they are fixed to the body of the car. There are two of them, black plastic with a rounded heads roughly the size of a pea and they push fit into recesses in the cluster once in place you can refit the single bolt from the bootspace. My problem is that one of these rounded heads has snapped off so the cluster is not fixed securely, even when the single bolt is tightened. I hope I'm making sense, I needed to know if these locating pins/posts/lugs or what ever they are called, can be replaced; they look like they should be able to be changed but it would this require removing the boot space trim behind or can they be prised off from the outside and push fitted with a new one. Should I post a photo or do people get what I am describing. Cheers
  2. Had a problem yesterday when replacing stop bulb. I could not remove a the bolt to realease the light cluster; never done this job before but I noticed that the dealer had had the same problem and actually had to force the bolt and Brass insert assembly out of its plastic housing in the light cluster to replace the bulb. In doing so they cracked the plastic boss. I could not free the bolt from the Brass insert either but when putting it back together I broke one of the two plastic locating lugs or posts stansions used to fix the light cluster in place . The cluster is now loose but in place so that I can still drive the car; but can anyone tell me if these posts/lugs can be replaced and if so how. Many Thanks.
  3. Something clicks by day and by night!

    Many Thanks Maersk kind relieved at that as the damn thing is going crazy right now buzzing and clicking; even stopped passers by in the local Asda carpark (other supermarkets are available)the other day; a bit emabarrassing but hey we don't have a waitrose nearby+++
  4. Something clicks by day and by night!

    Thanks Tippex; I never though of that possbility, How on earth do you get at it. Is this another stealer win win!
  5. Hello My 03 Cab 3.0 sport manual has been a brilliantly reliable vehicle from new but recently has developed a strange and worrying problem. somewhere inside the driver side rear quarter panel around mid wheel arch emminates a strange clicking noise that never stops even when the car is stationary and parked and locked. The noise sometimes becomes a buzz and then after sometime goes back to clicking which itself can increase in frequency or die away to 1 click every secon or so. The sound is kind of electromagnetic or similar to the noise that a solenoid or relay can make. This doesnt seem to affect the roof operation in any way but I have noticed that on occasion the central ocking becomes non responsive and may not respond until I put the key in the ignition and switch the ignition on. This may be a red herring but I thought I would mention this just in case. No other symptoms have been noticed. I wanted to pick the brains and experience of you fine audi people before dragging my butt into a stealer for a fix. Any advice gratefully recieved. Thank you.
  6. Hi Anyone got a few tips about changing the Aluminium trim around the A4 CAB windscreen. Mine is a 2003 3.0 manual. I gather losing the plastic seal at underneath the trim is becoming more common. It only affects the top piece on my car so is it possible to remove and replace this section only. I have located a part at a what I believe to be a reasonable price £75.00 for the top piece. I don't want to ruin in by breaking a clip or something whilst trying to fit with no previous knowledge. Many Thanks.