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  1. Anyone own an Eos?

    Hi all, also swapping a TT for a 2.0 TFSI Individual EOS, in black. virtually everything on it apart from electric seats. Surprised thats its pretty quick considering the weight of the EOS. Cheers Joe
  2. Poorly turtle flipper

    good luck with Audi CS. maybe a daft question but what sort of noise was it making? just in case my TT QS starts making weird noises cheers joe
  3. R8 "Exclusive" pics

    got myself invited to a viewing of the R8 sunday so hopefully get some good pics to post
  4. Just to let all the guys waiting for A4 Sline Special Editions know that I have seen one at local dealers over weekend. Although I have got no pictures (no camera with me, sorry)I can confirm that it had the full Sline makeover with Sline badged scuff plates, steering wheel and Sline embossed on the leather front seats (as per the latest A4 brochure). Exterior wise had DTM wheels and black exhaust pipes but the car was in metallic red which imho didn't set these off too well, will probably look better in darker colours. Anyway deliveries are starting!! Joe
  5. A4 Notchy Gearbox

    same with me. Had it checked a number of times by dealer tech guy and he said it was no different from any others, so accepted it was a "feature". Borrowed a A4 DTM over weekend and found newer 6 speed totally different, really slick gear change. Now wondering about swapping!!
  6. [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I wasn't happy with lack of battery cover but they "sourced" one from an S4 cab (evidently the only part that fits). I suppose I could say i now have performance parts fitted! Joe [/ QUOTE ] Man, and I thought I was a moany Get ... [/ QUOTE ] If you thought that was moaning, wait till I really get going enclosed quick pic of steering wheel, not great as had to use web cam. Hopefully gives idea until i source new cam. Joe
  7. New S-Liner

    csl spec means effectively std factory spec (ripped off the term from brn7y in homerj's thread from a while back) Joe
  8. See what i can do. FYI my Sline delivered mid June to dealers. I wasn't happy with lack of battery cover but they "sourced" one from an S4 cab (evidently the only part that fits). I suppose I could say i now have performance parts fitted! Joe
  9. Picked up my A4 Sline late June and it has an Sline badge on steering wheel (as per A3 Sline pic earlier). Guess I was lucky as the other Slines awaiting collection at the dealership didn't have them.
  10. New S-Liner

    Pretty much CSL spec with just Ali strips, storage pack and cruise added. Its in "plain" silver although when its cleaned up I think its the business! Will try to get some pictures sorted but bit busy working to pay for it!
  11. New S-Liner

    Congrats, picked up my A4 Sline 2 weeks ago but haven't seen any others round my area. BTW noticed some spec changes against the 2003 A4 I had: lower temp setting on climate (down to 16C rather than 18C before LOW temp displayed) Better wipers; (new aerofoils) alot quieter Also for upcoming SLine owners, Sline badge now on Steering Wheel. Also big thanks to HomerJ and other Sliners for posted pictures and comments without which I probably would not have swapped motors.