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  1. Insert Phone - 2010 A3

    Mine hasn't got the sat nav - Audi Concert I think from memory. Ah well, probably have to look at Parrot or similar - otherwise very happy with the performance and the economy so far.
  2. Insert Phone - 2010 A3

    Probably hasn't got it then - have been through all the menus on the radio and the maxidot (or whatever it's called) and there's nothing about a phone or bluetooth...
  3. Insert Phone - 2010 A3

    Just bought a 2010 A3 today. If I click the "Mode" button it says "Insert Phone". I've done some googling which suggests just turning Bluetooth on on my mobile and pairing it to the car which should appear as "Audi". My phone doesn't find anything (bluetooth on the phone is definitely working). Will my 2010 car even have Bluetooth? If so should this be visible to devices or do I need to do something to switch it on? Or - does it need an actual phone or SIM in the car? My old A8 D2 had a phone though that was a 1999.
  4. Can anyone recommend a ZF Gearbox specialist in the Midlands area? I have an A8 4.2 and I want to get the gearbox oil changed as preventative maintenance. I'm in Hinckley between Coventry and Leicester. Could possibly do Sheffield too as I work there.
  5. VW Audi specialists - Coventry & Warwickshire

    Thanks for that. Lion Garage it is then. Only 3 miles away from me, so couldn't be much handier.
  6. VW Audi specialists - Coventry & Warwickshire

    Would you recommend Lion Garage for an A8 4.2? I'm new to A8's (and Audi) so don't know if the A8 requires a more specialist garage..