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  1. I want one

    They remove the vents because they create huge pressure at the entrance to the vent and cause drag, god knows how they feed the intercoolers and turbo..
  2. Details are:- o 2006 On One Inbred (purchased July 2006) o 18” DN6 steel frame in pearlescent white o Single speed (sliding dropout adjustment for chain tension; also have geared dropout to allow a rear derailieur to be easily fitted) o Truvativ Stylo crankset with external bearing GXP BB and 32t chainring with bashguard o DMR V8 style flat pedals o On One Inbred saddle and 400mm Twelfty seatpost, o On One Mary bars and stem with ODI Lock-On grips o FSA headset o Avid V brakes and levers(frame has removable brake bosses, and mounting points for discs) o On One Reetard rims/wheelset with WTB tyres and 18t freewheel o Available as is with Marzocchi MX Comp forks, or as standard with On One Superlight rigid fork. o Used twice off road, and probably 100 miles on road. o No scratches/dents/damage o £400 with MX fork, or £300 with rigid fork, can deliver within reasonable distance, i.e. London/M25 If anyone’s interested, I’ve got photos, but to be honest they’d be just as well looking at the On One website since the bike is std apart from the sus forks. Send me a PM or preferably Email me on xspencex@hotmail.com if you're interested... Cheers
  3. tCOTY

    Merc CLS 63 AMG BMW 335d Audi RS4 Porsche 997 GT3 Porsche 997 Turbo
  4. Rallying GT3's

    I think if the WRC had competitors driving GT3's Aston's, Corvette's etc.. rather the 4wd 2.0ltr Turbo Japanese and French tin boxes I'd be much more interested... what do you think?...
  5. Do I need a Blackberry?

    Use a Blackberry all the time.. to work and from work.. auto switch off at 9pm.. don't use it a weekends and you're fine... but when I first got one it took over my life a bit I was alwasy using it and carrying it everywhere...sending random work related emails at 11pm at night... I mean what the feck!.. now I just control my use and its the biz.. I can honestly say its one of the best business tools out there.. just make sure you keep it to business hours. I have a 8700g hooked up to thye companies Exchange server (BES).. but you can also set up on blackberry's own BIS service. (internet based server)
  6. Rallying GT3's

    GT3's like you've never seen... or HEARD!!! Oh the NOISE!!! see LINKY
  7. Rossi

    He's been announced as an entrant to Rally GB... should make it past the 3rd stage this time...
  8. HELP!!

    Cheers got the back ups etc.... done a system restore etc.. and started the machine with the boot disc.. same result a sick little machine.. just want to wipe the bugger and start again
  9. HELP!!

    Major melt down.. My laptop has had a melt down.. When starting up Windows had taken a long time.... no it needs the boot disc to work .. no media plays right and the wireless has gone down.. I have anti - virus software etc but that hasn't found anything.. seems like a hardware problem... any advice? I've got back ups of files etc..can anyone tell me how to wipe the hard drive/system altogether..? Cheers Al
  10. Car for the girlfriend ?

    I helped my GF buy a W reg Polo 1.4 about 3 years ago.. its been a brilliant car.. you could look around for a 2001 model for about £4-5k
  11. Nokia Communicator 9300 anybody....

    the 9300i has wifi and the 9500, it bigger brother
  12. Nokia Communicator 9300 anybody....

    No WiFi its just a 9300
  13. every day car... CLS 63
  14. Nokia Communicator 9300 anybody....

    [ QUOTE ] How much are you looking for? [/ QUOTE ] They seem to be around the £100 - 120 mark on ebay, mine has a crack in the case and 1 year of wear and tear... everything else is fine.. Zero scratches on the screen, still got the box etc.. so I guess I'm looking for £90?..
  15. Nokia Communicator 9300 anybody....

    [ QUOTE ] I've got the 9500 and absolutly love it.. why you getting rid of yours? [/ QUOTE ] The BlackBerry has taken over my life... I loved it but it was just to big to have both a BlackBerry and Communicator doing the same job... I needed a rather gay man bag to go anywhere!..