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  1. Thanks guys - Found this really useful and have forwarded to a heater fitter who is looking at pulling together some prices for me.
  2. Thanks for posting this I was only looking last night to see if it was possible – It looks like you’ve done your homework!. TBH it all looks a little complicated for my mechanical abilities. Previous posts had suggested that it was possible with just a VAG-COM change If I just want it to take the chill off in the winter and deice the windows do I need to get the spanners out or will the VAG-COM work?
  3. Auxilary Heating

    Did this mod actually work in the winter? I started investigating this yesterday and then as if by magic another post appeared with a longer guide. I notice that this thread is old and was created in the summer – How did you get on when the temperature dropped? The other post suggests that a recirculation pump is required for when the engine is not running. I am not over fussed about heating the engine or remotely controlling the heater just setting it, taking the chill of the cabin and defrosting the windows – If I can get away with a VAG-COM modification only that would be best. Does what you guys have done achieve this? Have you had any problems with it to date? Flat batteries? I’m mechanically inept so am just looking for if it works and then if I can pay someone to set the VAG stuff – again recommendations on who in the North West would also be appreciated.