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  1. Car mileage going down ...

    i never let people park my car at the airport and the keys come with me. you want the keys to my car whilst i'm overseas for a week? yeah get real!
  2. been asked what this dash light means?

    its not my car but have been told that the fuel ecomony seems rather poor and that light has appeared in the past week or so.
  3. been asked what this dash light means?

    don't know why i didn't just cut and paste the specific light into a new pic instead of that generic pic! so this is "simply" coolant level, yes?t
  4. been asked what this dash light means? its photo from the internet but the one in question is the light below and to the right of the 2 fog light indicators in the far left of the pic. any ideas?
  5. deffo no sat nav, it had a tape player not sure how a satnav would've fit in there but it was plugged into the tape deck when i removed it. ahh side skirts, cheers, off to ebay i go!
  6. i've spent the better half of today replacing the OEM tape player with a pioneer deh7300bt. a simple mod for anyone car savvy, but i'm not so am quite pleased with myself for being able to get it done, cuts and scrapes aside by rerouting the harness via the back of the plastic housing as i couldn't get the top air vents off. during the process of unplugging the old one, there is the top cable in this picture which i have no idea what its for, there doesn't seem to be any space on the new HU for something like that. it seems to work fine without it, whatever it is though. also, what is the name of the part i'm looking for, here are pictures of the white plastic holders for whatever was meant to be at the bottom of the door: link1, link2
  7. How to adjust your mirrors

    is that to stop sneaky gits siphoning petrol from it whilst its moving? i rely so much on being able to dip my mirrors when reversing to park (why oh why doesn't my car do this automatically!) that i'd be lost in a car that i had to reach over and do manually. i have my mirrors set up so i can see my car (old habit i suppose) but i always do a quick glance over my shoulder before actually moving over lanes.
  8. removing a stereo from a 1999 318?i (and new keys question..)

    i'll need to have a proper look again but it didn't seem like a 1 DIN sized hole if i was somehow able to take out the cassette player whilst leaving the temp controls below it alone. knowing him, he'd probably go for a fascia adapter rather than a bmw cd player, especially since i have an old pioneer avh stereo from my car that he's eyeing up. any idea how to remove the tape player itself?
  9. hi, need some advice. my uncle has picked up a 2nd hand (obviously, he hasn't travelled back to 1999!) 318i, its the E46 type i believe.. he is wanting to upgrade the stereo on it as it has a cassette player which i think is actually broken, he didn't seem all that pleased with me when i couldn't control my laughter at what he had! anyhow, it looks a lot like the one here: with a digital climate control panel just underneath but in a RHD flavour of course, the actual bit with the cassette player, doesn't even look "1 DIN" sized to me, are there any guides anywhere as to how to upgrade the stereo on one of these things? also he has only got 1 key, he's been quoted X amount from his dealer. is there anywhere else (cheaper) he can go to get a spare key with all the alarm, immobiliser and key cut or is it looking like dealer or nothing? thanks.
  10. How's this for parking!

    that is awful, generally i think if it takes you more than 2 minutes to park then a) its not worth it and/or b) you need to hand over you drivers licence! edit: i like how one of the suggested videos youtube brings after is a "flawless parallel parking" guide..
  11. Number Plate inflation!

    it'll be brilliant if whoever brought slapped it onto.. a corsa, or something equally woeful
  12. Question about buying car insurance for new driver

    am currently with admiral, for some reason they seem really good for me. this was the case when i switched from bell (which are underwritten by admiral iirc) at renewal time on a a3 1.8t to recently when swapping over the policy to a rb5. when i did fake insurance quotes to test the water to see how much it cost to insure a rb5, none of the specalists insurers (a plan etc) couldn't come anywhere close to admiral's quote, even when telling admiral that its a WR sport. if they're offering to insure you for half of what anyone else is offering and all the details are correct, then bite their hand off for it!
  13. selling old car when switching policy over to new one?

    audi a3 1.8t with admiral, its just my luck that a day after getting it done, i think i able to pass the car onto a family member. it was either suck it up or not be able to get that car back home!
  14. selling old car when switching policy over to new one?

    £100 it cost me for a month, gah.
  15. selling old car when switching policy over to new one?

    insurance company has said when switching i can get temporary insurance on the old car (i think he mentioned it was 3rd party only) on my same policy, they didn't say how much as i forgot to ask (doh!). at that point, if i'm on this temporary 3rd party coverage, if the buyer had fully comp, he should be covered right for a test drive right?