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  1. 3.0l remap no bottom end torque

    How is it a pretty useless comparison? I am comparing the times of the same car going between two set speeds in different gears before and after it's remap. And have notised that when tested between speeds in higher gears therefore the revs lower, the car is slower than it was before the remap. However when tested between speeds in lower gears therefore the revs are higher, the car is faster than it was before the remap. What I am trying to find out is. Is this normal? Or can I have the remap tweaked so that I still have some torque pull at low revs.
  2. 3.0l remap no bottom end torque

    They had to send the ECU away because the software they had wouldnt fit the port due to some added security audi had fitted. I've just been doing some time comparisons with the car compared to how it was before it got mapped. The car is slower now than before the remap when it is tested between two set speeds eg, 50mph to 70mph doing it in 5th gear so the revs are low and not having the same lower end pull as before makes this time slower. But it is faster than standard when being tested between two speeds in a lower gear so the revs are higher, say 30mph to 70mph starting in 2nd, (engine is sitting at 3000rpm at 30mph in 2nd gear) I was impressed with that time, it was 5.2 secs. I'm just trying to find out with other A5 3.0l owners that have had a remap if there cars are the same?
  3. 3.0l remap no bottom end torque

    My local garage done the remap, they took the ECU out and sent it away. So if I were to send the ECU back again do you think it could be remapped to bring back the lower end pull, but still have the added torque and bhp? Thanks
  4. I recently had a remap done on my 3.0l 2008 manual A5 and the first thing I noticed is the low end torque is no longer there! from idle to 2000rpm the engine is pretty flat, once you hit 2000rpm the acceleration is awesome. I've run it in for severaal hundred miles now and only use BP super diesel, I also just had the diesel filters etc changed. The car is definetly way quicker than it was but only when the engine is over 2000rpm Is this common with the remap??? Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks