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  1. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    Absolutely nothing untoward found! Good news I guess. Slight 'pulsing' from the alternator - the garage has offered to send it back as it was only fitted in May, but I've said leave it. It's no big deal as they said, it was nothing major. Just gave me the option to change if I wanted. So, onward and upward until the next failure - just home from Scotland and it ran like a dream!!! Thanks again guys, I really appreciate your input. Baz
  2. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    I've got some sort of earthing problem (Work Colleagues reckon) as the lights switch is pulsing on and off. Plus that illuminated message between the cabin roof lights stays on telling me that the passenger air bag is de-activated (which I know it isn't). I've only recently noticed the light switch issue due to driving to work in the dark mornings. It's caught my eye from time to time. I'm talking about the sidelight/headlight switch. Dropping it off tomorrow night for the garage to get their 'electrical man' to take a look. Wonder if this drained my old battery over time? Not had much luck with this Audi over the years. Posters on here recommended I got shot a few years ago, but couldn't afford to I'm afraid - anyway it's been running really well of late. We need all these little bits fixing though for piece of mind as we visit Scotland regular to watch the eldest play rugby, and as such need to have the confidence in the car. Hence my 'faffing' from time to time.
  3. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    Oh right?! cool. laying next to the battery (once all the rubber strip and plastic covers were removed) was a sensor...... of sorts - what is this? it was just lying there on a wire loose - not attached or anything. Baffled the guy in the tyre place??? Is that normal?
  4. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    No its not that - I've moved the rocker switches all around when they were 'stuck' on. The indicator light telling me that the passenger airbag is 'off' is also illuminated? Even though I recently re-activated the passenger airbag (from the key lock inside the glove compartment). Don't know for the life of me why it was switched off - my kids are big boys now! Here's a quickie for you both - why, after having my new battery fitted, didn't I have to re-code the radio? I was amaized when I tried the radio and it worked???? Wouldn't have thought the tyre bloke did it? WEIRD.
  5. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    Right guys, I rang my local garage this morning and explained everything. The Mechanic asked if I'd tried 'jumping' it. He said we probably wouldn't be so lucky for it to be this, but to initially give it a go. So I did and hey presto - the car fired up no worries! So I immediately popped to the local tyre place and have now got a new £90 battery. Hopefully this has sorted the problem. Failing that, he was going to pick my car up and get his electrics guy to run a few checks but we won't need that now. Happy days, as I was pricing batteries the other week because I haven't renewed this one for ages. Now to my next 'little' irritation - once I start-up the interior lights stay on. Not every time, but it's happened a couple of times last week and at the weekend. Once I park-up, stop, and lock-up again they go out? All very weird - any ideas on that front??? Please don't tell me it's still to do with my other issue!!
  6. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    OK guys, I'm going to have to leave it until tomorrow evening then, and get my local garage to put a fault code on it. I can fortunately get another vehicle for tomorrows trip to work. I'll post the findings. Many thanks Patently and Cuprabob for your time on this, really appreciate it. - the scirocco sounds nice by the way!! Bazza
  7. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    So what's your diagnosis then Cuprabob? Can this be sorted with the car on the drive?
  8. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    If I remember rightly, there was something I did on my old Peugeot years ago when I had an immobiliser issue - something to do with turning a key in a slot by the drivers door or something - this disarmed the immobiliser, but at least allowed me to drive on until I got a new key fob battery or something?????????? Nothing as simple on the Audi I guess?
  9. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    Yeah it was 98 payable tonight - no way. I'll sort it tomorrow if there's nothing else I can do tonight. Obviously will need towing somewhere though.
  10. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    Yes but not till tomorrow. Might ring back to check if they meant 98 EXTRA of if that will be my new policy amount..............(As I didn't really clarify!). I'll ring them again.
  11. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    I've got RAC Breakdown... but not the homestart part. They wanted £98 extra!!
  12. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    Just checked - haven't got homestart - bummer!
  13. Immobiliser problem or key knackered?

    Fortunately yes. What will they do - what do they carry on board?
  14. Guys, need help or I can't get to work tomorrow!! My Son has just informed me that my A6 was 'beeping'. Not an alarm sound, but a quieter beeping. I opened the car and the dash was going a bit crazy. I did see FUSE light up, but this appears to be an immobiliser problem (according to my 17 yr old). I certainly can't start the car so the immobiliser has come on I guess. So what can I do? I have a spare key, but that does nothing - must be dead? Any help this evening would be greatly received thanks. Bazza

    Sorted! No.33 fuse. Many thanks once again all of you for taking time to reply to my post. Can head to the Borders tomorrow knowing we won't get lost and can use the Sat Nav!!! Bazza