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  1. Honda I CTDI tuning

    Thanks,It is just out of warranty but will check with Honda dealer
  2. Honda I CTDI tuning

    Spot on!!!!
  3. Honda I CTDI tuning

    Yep must be , only price reference I had was Dec 2010 price under special X' mas offer!!! Will be in touch !!!
  4. Honda I CTDI tuning

    I do like Shark,My Mate had his skoda remapped by shark and I travelled with him to get it done ,it was a Brilliant map period!!!! Just checked their website ,I noticed that these days their prices are much higher ,they want 399 to map my honda !!!
  5. Honda I CTDI tuning

    I am looking for your help on getting my 2.2 CRV tuned.I know there are various players like celtic-who offer remap file only @150 sounds like a great deal... ,RS,Elite and all but personal reco would be useful. And yes I have new Clutch which Honda changed under warranty so safe there...