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  1. Dash Cams

    **** you, then Garcon. You're probably right. And this whole topic shows why it's better to leave than to stay.
  2. Dash Cams

    There's a link between everyone filming everyone else just in case a fellow citizen does something they perceive to be illegal - and the old Eastern Bloc culture of the government paying people to do it. It's a very fine line and only separated by the current trend for citizens to voluntarily film each other and gather evidence. The fact that people are so happy to install cameras and film everything has, and there's little argument to support otherwise, prompted the EU to propose compulsory cameras and recording in new cars. For those who wish to observe everything we do, the willing participation of the population just makes life easier.
  3. Dash Cams

    Oh, that's OK then. The struggles of the Eastern Bloc countries are obviously for nothing, as it seems spying on fellow citizens is now absolutely OK, so long as 'you've done nothing wrong'.
  4. Dash Cams

    We see snippets of what people want us to see. 'Look - this reckless idiot 'undertook' me' or similar. They don't show the previous 15 minutes of them hogging the 'overtaking' lane at 56.5mph. That's the trouble with 'civilian' surveillance - it only shows what the owner of the camera wants to show, and is judged by their standards. I just can't believe that anyone truly thinks it's a good thing that anyone can buy a camera, film the actions of others, and upload it onto the 'net. How far do we take this? - with Google Glass style technology developing fast, it won't be long before everything you do in public is being filmed, analysed and uploaded to the 'net by some arse with a camera strapped to his head.
  5. Dash Cams

    The point is that, in my example of 'using the full width of the road' - it's not illegal. Being a bit above an NSL limit may well be, but we all do that anyway. However, in the eyes of a typical dash cam owner, using the full width of the road when safe to do so is illegal (as, seemingly, is overtaking these days, too...), so it's a matter of opinions. I should not have to adjust my behaviour to the standards of others because they choose to spy on me and upload video of me to the 'net without my permission, just to satisfy their own inadequacies. I'm very well aware of the risks I take - and I'm perfectly happy for the police to pull me for it if they deem it dangerous or illegal. I shouldn't have to be also worrying that every other cnut around me wants to record and report me, too.
  6. Dash Cams

    I do get it. What my HR department and what some self-important tosser with a dash cam consider to be dangerous or risky could well be a million miles apart from what I consider to be risky. If I want to drive along a clear road at NSL + a bit, using the full width of the road, I want to be able to do without someone in a Rover 75 with a dash cam uploading it to YouTube and complaining about how dangerous it is. I have been on the receiving end of dash cam footage already - I took a car out of our car pool at work and found it on YouTube, doing something that was a little iffy, but didn't pose any danger to anyone. I had to go to YouTube to get it removed, as it wasn't my car at the time of the recording.
  7. Dash Cams

    Do you think I'd park something I owned on the road?...
  8. Dash Cams

    Can't you see that the proliferation of voluntary cams is just escalating us down the path to compulsory cams? It's a slippery slope - soon we won't have a choice. And driving will no longer be something to enjoy.
  9. Dash Cams

    *shrugs* Some people are shit drivers. Some people are good drivers, but drive like dicks. Some people are good drivers and drive defensively, courteously and don't feel the need to 'protect' themselves with a cam - mostly because in 20-odd years of driving they can't recall an occasion where a camera would have been needed. Sadly, due to the number of people who claim 'if you've got nothing to hide'... we're going to end up with compulsory cameras. Recording everything - and, no doubt, reporting it back. I know I drive like a dick at times - but I never put anyone else at risk. But it wouldn't stop someone in 'sports casual' attire filming me, and uploading onto YouTube, potentially putting my career at risk. So.. in summary - **** everyone who has one.
  10. Dash Cams

    Erich Honecker would be jumping with joy - dash cams are something his regime could only dream of, but are exactly the kind of thing they'd have embraced. I will never voluntarily go around gathering evidence on other citizens of the country. We're under enough surveillance from 'official' sources, without every Tom, Dick and Harry wanting to add to it.
  11. The FIFA World Cup 2014

    I've just looked at the fixtures and our holiday schedule. We're in Stuttgart for the Germany vs Algeria game. That is going to be awesome.
  12. Dash Cams

    Don't get it. Yes, he was driving like a cnut - but why the need to tell the world about it? What is it about people with dash cams?
  13. The FIFA World Cup 2014

    It doesn't do their image any favours that they've come public and admitted they're 'considering action', though. They should be supporting the ban to make a statement to the footballing world that they're no longer going to tolerate that kind of misconduct. After the T-shirt debacle, it's surely the only way forward for them? Unless they really do think it's acceptable to have an employee going around biting people in the workplace.
  14. The FIFA World Cup 2014

    If this is true, I'm astounded. It's a new low, even for the Scousers. "Offended by everything, ashamed of nothing"
  15. New RS3

    (fair play, though - that's a really nice looking 'sports saloon')