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  1. Remap now done

    Hi all, just reporting that had the remap done today and did decide to have a new dv fitted along with a free flow air filter, after various conversations all came to the same conclusion that the diverter may not fail completely but may still leak causing a loss in boost thus affecting performance which may not be noticeable initially, Amd fitted a forge dv which I understand is up there with the best of them, I can now happily report that the car is now transformed and along with the Miltek cat back(which looks superb) is now producing 260bhp and 302lbft, money very well spent I think, if anyone is contemplating having a remap Speak to Amd as they have an offer on their remaps with Miltek exhausts and i would definitely recommend them. Dom
  2. Hello all, just joined the forum now after reading various conversations over the the last few months, I've owned various golf gti's so you could say I am a bit of a fan, on my second mk5 now and just booked it in to amd for a remap and miltek cat back, used them to remap my last mk5 and found them very good, they have mentioned to me about replacing the diverter valve for an uprated one but I'm not sure what to do, not so much worried about the cost but more would it really be nessesary, opinions would be great please,cheers!