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  1. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    Do you know something, you put that over really well, thank you. You're right and it's risky in more ways than one.
  2. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    Thank you - that's much appreciated. I fitted the dash camera today taking my time to conceal all the wiring which worked out terrific - you can't see any wires at all. I also put in a few DVD's for viewing and have got Top Gun in there at the moment - well what else to start off. I also had a look in the boot to see if there was anything that could have been creating the occasional banging noise, there was a loose bottle of engine oil so I strapped that down plus the jack was not tightened down properly but apart from that then everything was fine so I don't think they were the problem but I won't know for sure until I go to work tomorrow. So that's about it for now, she is now configured to how I want it and everything is now loaded that should be loaded, what I need to look out for now is the video in motion hack, maybe a hardware solution rather than a software solution so I can disable it as long as it's that simple of course. Graham
  3. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    Yay!! I'm not the only sad old git then - I don't feel quite so bad now.
  4. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    I have to admit to having the Top Gun opening track on at the time - "Ghost Rider, this is Strike. We have unknown aircraft inbound Mustang. Your vector zero-nine-zero for bogey." - God, I'm a sad old git to remember that!
  5. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    Phew! I'm glad that you all seem to like it, as far as I know this is at the moment the only A7 Black Edition in Sprint Blue in the UK according to Audi UK but I have seen pics of an A7 which is (I think) Sprint Blue in the US but it's difficult to tell from just the photo but nevertheless it's not a common colour for the A7 that's for sure - well not at the moment anyway! I spent some time this afternoon configuring it a bit more, I set up the mini sim and can now access Google maps, paired my Apple laptop and the wifes iPad with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, set up the myAudi account to talk to the car. the iPod Classic and iPhone 5S are now functioning fine, set up the Sat Nav for Home and favourites and a few other bits so I'm getting there. I went for a drive in the dark tonight just to see what it was like as regards the lighting and it was excellent, I love the internal lighting where there is very subtle glow in the doors, footwells etc, the headlights are brilliant even though they are not the active versions but still adequate. The dash is very nicely illuminated with all the controls easy to read and at hand. The heads up display is a sight to behold and it doesn't distract like I thought it would do, it's completely adjustable for hight and brightness so you can adjust it to your requirements or just turn it off if you want to. The speech dialogue system I still have to set up and train for my voice but that shouldn't take too long to do, I was very impressed with the small track pad when I was inputting addresses into the Sat Nav and being left handed then it was so easy to use. So all in all, this car has completely got me by the dogs danglies so far - it's amazing. I do have one problem with it though and that is there is definitely a bang coming from the rear when going over a bumpy road, it could be something quite simple like something in the spare wheel well not tied down or maybe the rear parcel shelf but I will have to have a look tomorrow and if I can't find it then I will take it back to Audi for them to have a look at it, I'm not bothered about it but for now but I know it's there when it shouldn't be but it will get sorted - eventually. Thanks for all the kind comments people and glad you like my new toy! Graham
  6. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    Thanks. I think if you were to see this in the metal so to speak then it would probably look better than the photos, the photos look OK but in real life it looks a lot better. If it didn't have the Black package with the Rotor wheels, lowered suspension etc then it may not have worked but when I look at it sitting on the drive then it's sure working for me!
  7. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    Well as I felt very guilty (not) of not putting up any photos then I thought that I had better make a concerted effort this morning to take some but the sun was quite low still and very bright so some of them are a bit washed out but should give you some idea of this lovely piece of awesomeness! It came with an iPhone 5S and USB cable for the MMI but I've also a iPod Classic so I went to Audi this morning and picked one up which worked fine so that's another thing which is now configured and running so I'm gradually getting there. I want to try and get a couple of videos onto the Jukebox this weekend if I can but I shall need to convert them first but I'll give it a go if I get the time.
  8. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    Hi Paul, yeah I'm doing just fine mate thanks and the A7 was a kind of semi retirement pressy to myself - I'm a long time dead so I thought what the hell! You know me Paul, give it a couple of weeks when the newness has worn off and there will be a TV receiver popped in and maybe a Homelink too. (And that's just for starters I bet!
  9. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    Hi again everyone. Ok, so the verdict after a day? It's OK I suppose...... This is one serious car both in the looks and the feel, I must admit that I'm still finding my way around all the controls but to be fair to the car I haven't had much time to have a serious look at it yet. Sure, I went over all the bits at the handover but I had to get back to work directly after that and I was busy last night but I do have the weekend to get familiar with it. But initially I'm very pleased with it, it's certainly a head turner as it has such a presence on the road, it sits very low and looks extremely wide when viewed at most angles, now whether that is to do with the colour or not then I'm unsure but whatever it is it works for me. The cabin is a delight to be in, everything is at hand and the MMI is not too complicated as it's quite intuitive - so long as you know what you want to select then it's easy. If you just want to 'fiddle' with the controls then you will miss a lot of the function and settings. I did manage to get time to purchase a mini sim card but have yet to set that up but will do that tomorrow if I get the time. My insurance company wanted a Tracker fitted to it which I have done but my premium is now only £240/year fully comp with my wife as a named driver + commuting so I'm really pleased with that (mind I am an old git so that may have helped! ) and with the road tax being £125 then it makes for really cheap running costs. The one main difference I have found is the ease of getting in and out of the car, the doors are very easy to open and along with the frameless windows then it makes it a breeze. As regards performance then I haven't obviously given it much time yet but when I have pressed the go peddle in anger (just to try it out of course!) then the power is definitely there but I back off almost immediately, I've a got a good journey down to Cornwall next weekend which has come at just the right time so I can give her a good long run on the initial running in which is the ideal kind of journey to make, I know modern cars don't need running in but I still prefer to not to overdo things initially. It will also give me the time to get used to it as well over that kind of distance, it's probably about a 5 hour trip for where I live so I should find out what it's like for the comfort over that kind of time period but I don't see any problems arising from that as it seems extremely comfortable with the exception of the normal and expected, occasional bang from the rear suspension at lower speeds and bumpy Cambridgeshire roads, with lowered suspension and tyres the thickness of elastic bands then I expected that anyway! So, to sum up on this very brief encounter so far? Well, I have a very positive feeling that I'm going to love this car - I just have that feeling, It's the same feeling I had when I had my RS4 Cab but only time will tell I guess but I don't think I'm going to be wrong. I will try and get some pics posted up over the weekend.
  10. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    So, one more sleep to go but in the meantime I have been thinking about two little additions which it hasn't got (Yes I know! ) They would be retrofitting the Audi Homelink - I really missed that on the A6 from my RS4 and secondly a TV tuner, it has a DVD player (for video movies) and a rear camera so I assume that it has a video output source module if it has those. So who are the guys these days to talk about retrofitting. I had some work done by Craig on my RS4 and he was great but just wondered if there was anyone nearer (Cambs) who could do it or is it simple enough to do as a DIY including aerial fitting etc. It's just a thought at the moment and not urgent or even essential. I've looked at a company called Hazy Dayz but when I put in Homelink on the search nothing came up.
  11. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    A 3 litre A6 Quattro Le Manns.
  12. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    Stop winding me you lot - I'm on tenterhooks as it is!!
  13. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    I've just been and signed all the paperwork and I shall be picking her up Thursday lunchtime - Result!!