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  1. R32 help needed... Snapped belt! What is this?

    I believe it would be my bad photography in this instance, the reason I believe its a belt is because I can see that its like its torn length ways along the ribbing and the part in the picture is maybe half of what it should be I'm assuming. I can't get to it, the engine bay cover is on and can't see it through the gaps either, having no tools doesn't help. What a pain! Thanks for your suggestions, guess I'll be calling a tow truck in the morning.
  2. R32 help needed... Snapped belt! What is this?

    There aren't any warning lights coming up on the dash. I havent tried to start the car since finding the problem however when trying to turn it over when its cold the last few days, its like there's no spark and when it does finally kick in the revs have been so low that the motor had a couple of times stalled. Definitely no warning lights though!
  3. Ok i'll admit I'm blonde and I'm female so I'm not meant to know what my cars issues are! My car (VW 2004 R32) has been lagging pretty badly the last couple of days and this morning, noticed this snapped belt. Can anyone identify what it is????Help Please ?!?!?!