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  1. New with golf!

    Hi yes its sooooooo nice to have this car bt haven't had a chance to drive it.the fuel pipes have air bubbles in them so ya this other guy is going to come fix it for me.the plug wires are very nice.they are light do I put a pic on donno how.I'm using a blackberry .
  2. New with golf!

    Hi thanks for the greetings and yes its a 2l 16v dohc gti mk2.the jumbo model..I'm having trouble with the fuel lines coming from the fuel pump.people before me didn't do a good job so ya .oh I also got blue thunder leads for it.
  3. New with golf!

    hi people its cool to be here.I recently bought a golf GTI 16valve 2lt mk2 model.I want your word of what you think abt them? Thanks in advance