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  1. Engine Light on VW Polo 2002 1.4 16 V

    Many thanks for your response. Garage does not have the spare parts and have asked me to buy myself from South Africa. Car is running fine without any problems. The only thing I have noticed that ever since the yellow light is coming, my AC is not working properly meaning it would work for 15 minutes and start giving very hot air as if we have started the heating. Does the yellow light and the AC not functioning have any connection? Thanks for your help.
  2. I have a VW Polo 2002 1.4 16 V which has been giving yellow coloured engine check sign for 2 months. I had taken it to a garage and with the computer, they have diagnosed the following:- Code VAG 5 digits - 17604 Code EOBD: P 1196 Location of the failure: Oxygen heated sensor 1, bank 1, heater circuit failure Probable cause: cabling, oxygen-heated sensor. Please help.