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  1. Apple iMessage

    Yeah without a paddle my friend lmao
  2. Anybody got a set?
  3. Towing another car - The law

    Great result just goes to show they don't always know everything about the law. It's a shame some people don't always look into it like you did and end up just taking it on the chin without investigating further
  4. Insomnia

    I suffered bad with this last year staying up 3 days in a row unable to sleep and such like. My resolution for it was I started working nightshifts and since then my sleeping pattern is better now and I actually sleep right through when I go to bed ( I work days aswell but more nights) also try kalms tablets from any supermarket take 2 a few hours before bed I did notice a difference with me when taking them. As for waking up randomly in the night I go through stages with this... I think it's when my body clock is going to **** from working nights and days lol. Good luck
  5. Fuel prices creeping up again?

    I hope something gets done about fuel prices it's getting ridiculous trying to run a car now :@