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  1. mk3 golf driving me mad!

    Thanks guys, I have a thread going on clubgti already and it seems to be working. I think it's going to be the hall sender.
  2. mk3 golf driving me mad!

    I have recently bought a mk3 golf Gti and I am starting to pull my hair out with the running problem it has. It splutters under load, randomly, sometimes fine sometimes awful. It ticks over at about 900rpm and sounds fine but when I'm driving it seems like it has a misfire and the loss of power is drastic. Annoying as I love the way they drive when good. I have replaced the following; Spark plugs (ngk) Ignition leads (gsf) Distributor cap Rotor arm lambda sensor breather pipes air pipes all over cleaned throttle body coil also had the timing checked I have had it diagnosed by a garage and they are telling me that it is showing the sensor in the distributor is faulty, I just don't want to through any more money at it with out knowing. It's really getting to me. HELP !!!!