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  1. oil level sensor problems

    2007 Audi A4 B7, 2.0 TDI, 140.000km my low oil level warning light was constantly coming up, regardles there were enough oil. It helped a while when I disconneted the battery for a while and then reconected it. The light stayed off then a couple of weeks, sometimes even mounths. Then I get tired of this so I decided to replace it. The OEM sensor was Hella with VW part # 06E 907 660 and Hella part # 6PR 008 079 - 05. Since price of new one at the dealer was way to high I searche Ebay and bought me some cheap china crap: I told myself let's give it a try. I repleaced the sensor and when I turn the ignition there was no warning light, but next day in the morning when I was driving to the city some other warning came up - oil symbol and next to the symbol was word sensor. When came home I connected my car to the pc and read the fault codes it detected two faults: 005716 Please check DTC Memory of Instrument cluster, 00562 Sensor for oil level / temperature (implausible signal) I decided to get read of this cheap china crap so I thorouly cleaned the old one (I used gasoline and air compressor to blow out oil sludge from the iside of the sensor's housing. Then I reconnected it to the oil pan and when I turn the ignition the instrument cluster middle display still reported the sensor error. Then I once again disconected the battery for few minutes and now there is no warning. Even fault codes are not comming on. Now I am asking myself, was the cheap china crap ok but just needed a battery to be disconected or what? Please help.
  2. clutch slippage on chip tuned 2.0TDI

    indeed BTW my name is Borut, you can use my nickname svizo-man = marmot (it's not my real life nickname since I don't have it, it's the one I use on forums) lets go again: DMFW by etka = 1.000€ clutch kit by etka = 400€ labour for removing/installing the gearbox by elsa = 4,2h*65€ = 273€ labour reinstalling clutch kit by elsa = 0,5h*65= 32,5€ don't know what is the time interval for DMFW reinstal I double checked the prices. I also contacted some Austrian workshop and some Germany workshop. The only difference is that Austrian VAT is 20% and Germany 16%. All prices include 20% local VAT. Audi offers 20% discount on labour and parts, my dealer offers me extra 10% discount on labour. I can get SACHS clutch at 300€ and LUK at 200€
  3. clutch slippage on chip tuned 2.0TDI

    I am from continental Europe so Euro rules here! Here in my country the things are a bit different then as in the USA and I suppose also in UK. In the US the biger the car and more powerfull the engine is, the higher is the price of a used car (same principle as for a new cars). Here is my country the facts are opposite. The 5 year old A3 (new at 22k) is more expensive than 5 year old A6 (new at 55k). Also we almost don't buy automatics, unless it is a bussines high class car and 4WD sells only to people that need AWD to get to their alpine holiday cottage. Also only BMW sells good with automatic transmission, Audi and others not so well since it is a common believe that only BMW automatic gearbox is good and doesn't need pricey maintenance. However the things has changed with the introduction of VW's DSG gearbox. Now most of VAGs (with engines above 130HP) are sold with this kind of gerabox. Also diesel is more and more popular (since the introduction of turbo direct injection diesels) and it represents 60% of the market share. If you buy petrol car then god luck selling it! Also you must know that most countries in Euro zone have high taxes on road vehicles and in my country it depends on the base price of a new car, CO2 emissions and other terms. Also luxury cars with base price above 50k and cars with engine displacement above 5000 ccm are extra taxed. So if a new A6 with same OEM price will be sold in US at 45000$ but here it will be 65000€. So yes my current car could be sold at 12k (advertised over internet portal), but I would get round 9k at the dealer.
  4. clutch slippage on chip tuned 2.0TDI

    I would buy R8 and all would be resolved, but the money is also an issue. I can sell my 2007 A4 for 12k and buy myself a decent 2008 A4 2.0tdi with xenon/led at 15k. New A4 is also far better car, with more elegance and with far better engine. I can also go for new Opel Insignia at 20k (1 year leassing), which not only has xenon lights, but also leader seats and nav device and 19" alloy wheels, something A4 will cost 40k. Also my tuner (a friend) told me that he chipped a lot of 2.0tdis CR and 2.0cdtis with no clutc failure after the job. The CR engines provides smoother torque. I aslo must do the timing belt/water pump maintenance that will cost me 390€ at audi shop (audi super saver package for older cars). So sum that all up, I can just go with selling my car. The OEM dual mass flywheel for my current car is 1000€ at the Audi shop (unless the service adviser for spare parts miss informed me). I don't see where did you get 200Ł price for it, unles you are refering to an aftermarket single mass flywheel that they (at the audi shop) advised me to avoid, because engine will run very roughly at idle. The PD engines don't have counter balancher shafts like new CR and beacuse of the PD caracteristics the whole car feels like a tractor. I am just looking for a suitable (also cheap) clutch that will hold 400Nm. The SACHS as they said is far beter also the price tells that, as it sells at 300€ while LUK at 200€. Audi OEM is 400€ (it comes from SACHS production line but with Audi logo). If the flywheel wouldn't be so pricey I woul take the whole set (clutch kit + flywheel) of the brd engine, since the flywheel fiting dimenssions are the same as for the bre engine.
  5. clutch slippage on chip tuned 2.0TDI

    ok let's do some basic matematic and economics: Current car's market price = 12.000€ OEM flywheel 1.000€ (with 20% VAT) OEM clutch kit (pressure & friction plate, release bearing) = 400€ (with 20% VAT) labour only clutch (4,7h)*65€=305€ (with 20% VAT) + Audi 20% discount on labour and parts for all model older than 4 years. + Porsche (that's Porsche Inter - European VAG dealer) customer discount of 10% on labour. As I was told the flywheel don't need to be changed unles it was damaged due to the slippery clutch (exposed to ubnormal temperature due to exces friction). Also don't know how long will new OEM clutch take the 420Nm of torque, it was not designet to do that. There is however stronger pressure plate for BRD engine and that is the question - will it fit on original flywheel. Don't see the logics in changing the flywheel and don't see how is the labour 90% of the total.
  6. I have 2007 Audi A4 with 2.0TDI bre engine code. The engine produces 420Nm of torque and 170HP. The current milage is 120 kkm, the car was chipped at 110 kkm. The cluct is starting to fail, first in 6th gear, now even in 5th and 4th. The Audi replacement kit part number is 038 198 141 GX. The SACHS reapir kit part number is 3000 951 844 and the LUK is 624 3308 00. The BRD engine code (170HP version) has this part numbers: Audi: 038 198 141 DX SACHS: 3000 951 872 LUK: 624 3342 00 My question is: can I use the 170HP clutch (Audi or SACHS or LUK) without of need to change dual mass flywheel and if not shuld I use Audi OEM, SACHS or LUK? BTW I also found SACH performance clutch, part # 001424.001707, ranging at 550Nm+, but it is at the double the price of an OEM.