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  1. RS4, RS5, RSTT etc

    I hope thats true and will help with B7 residuals
  2. Hi all I'm racing on Saturday 30th June @ Llandow Kart circuit in the afternoon with Club100 but conveniently next door there is a Race Circuit (See Links Below)....The cost for the Track Day is only £90 per car - I am attending in the morning but anyone else up for it, give the track a ring! http://www.llandow.com/ www.club100.co.uk Let me know ASAP by posting on here. Cheers HBK CARS ATTENDING SO FAR: RS4 (B7) SL 55 AMG Golf GTI
  3. Just Bought 4S !!

    Thanks....Just love it. The guy who I bought it from lives in the same road as I and he's picking up the new baby aston tomorrow and needed to sell asap - Luckily I was around heh! He kept in the garage all the time and only used weekends, never taken out of the uk nor been on a track - It's like new. Cheers HOWARD
  4. Just Bought 4S !!

    It doesn't have the phone module and I would like to add it, is it very expensive and would you go direct to Porsche or other? Thanks
  5. Just Bought 4S !!

    Hi All Just bought a 4S on a 03 plate with only 12,000 miles on the clock, one owner, dark navy blue and has all the goodies apart from heated seats (The car will keep my bum warm) and cruise control, QUESTION: Can I purchase after market Cruise control for the 4S...? Cheers HBK PS: Paid only 40k !
  6. M3 Mats ?

  7. M3 Mats ?

    Can M3 Floor Mats be bought online? Cheers HBK
  8. Hi All Sorry late notice, but there are some vacancies today (Sunday 31st) @ 3.30pm for Pro Kart race. Format: 30 min Qualify and 2.5 Hour Race Teams of 2 or 3 people Cost: £190.00 per team Anyone interested send me Private message before 1pm with your contact number and I will call you just after 1pm... Cheers HBK
  9. Hi All Late posting but Karting event this Sunday @ Lakeside Karting (http://www.lakeside-karting.co.uk)- The race will comprise of a 30 min qualify and a 2.5 hour race - Teams of 2/3 people - Cost is £190.00 per team. If anyone is interested, please let me know ASAP...Spaces are limited - 15 teams already booked, expect at least 20 by Saturday... Cheers HBK www.parttimeracing.f9.co.uk
  10. Anymore takers... Cheers HOWARD PS: See you Sunday T..
  11. Hi All Yep, its that time again.. Next event is 30 min qualify and a 2.5 hour race @ 'Bayford Meadows' on the 9th May - This is a early one but requested as we don't want to get caught in any traffic afterwards.. Should be good racing just like the last @ Thruxton but hoping for better weather - Teams of 2 or 3 people - Cost is £195 per team.. Let me know asap if you are interested in coming. Cheers HOWARD Part Time Racing Bayford Karting
  12. Yep, going to Hanger Lane and turn right onto A40 and to the M25.....
  13. After this race, the next one is BAYFORD MEADOWS - 9th May - BAYFORD... Cheers HOWARD
  14. We are looking to get about 17 Teams for Thruxton but can go upto 20.. Cheers HOWARD
  15. Ah, Salt & Pepper ! Mines.......RAPID RESPONSE ! It's for you to use on the 18th - although, welcome to call any other time if you need any more info (9-9pm). Cheers HOWARD www.parttimeracing.f9.co.uk