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  1. VW Polo GTi Check Engine Light. Help.

    I changed the CTS. There was a slight improvment I must say but its still jerking and sort of choking, if you know what I mean... It gets better when you drive it and when the engine heats up to 90 degress. I am going to have a shot with the Cam Positioning Sensor. Not going to buy it new as its quite expensive. A second hand one could do the job. I was reading lately, out of curosity, could it be the knock sensor?
  2. VW Polo GTi Check Engine Light. Help.

    Haha. Cheers! Thanks for everything.
  3. VW Polo GTi Check Engine Light. Help.

    I have uploaded the top part where there are three sensors. There are two facing upwards and there is a single one which is green which is plugged in the head. Is the Camshaft Sensor one of them and CTS too? Thanks.
  4. VW Polo GTi Check Engine Light. Help.

    Which is the Camshaft Timing Sensor? The one which has a cylinder form or the other one, are these sensor both found on the cam cover? Another thing please, where is the CTS located?
  5. VW Polo GTi Check Engine Light. Help.

    17935: Intake Camshaft Contr.Circ.,Bank1 Short to Ground 17833: Tank Vent.Valve Short to Ground 17911: Load signal from Alternator Term. DF Range/performance/Incorrect Signal Code 17911, I replace the modulator of the Alternator. It seems to be break to normal from that point of view. The others I did not understand. I think the CTS needs to replaced as I have read about its job and mine does the same thing when I want to start it up.
  6. VW Polo GTi Check Engine Light. Help.

    Thanks for the website. I will try and figure it out which one it is as there are two.
  7. VW Polo GTi Check Engine Light. Help.

    Can I download it without connecting my Laptop to the Car connector? Where is this sensor located? Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I have a 2001 Polo GTi. The Check Light Warning has come on once again. The codes: 017935 017833 017911 Can you please tell me whats the problem with the car and whats need to be changed? Another thing, its very difficult to start. You need to press the accelerator. After 2 seconds it starts to fire up and does a weird noise... The car jerks/shakes too when you start driving. Much help appreciated. Thanks.