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  1. Mk5 4motion gttdi

    I am looking at getting a GTi as my next car but have seen a couple of 4 motion gttdi's about. Can anyone tell me if these are any good? Is it basically the R32 chassis and drivetrain but in diesel? If so surely that makes a good car?!
  2. Mk5 gti advice needed.

    i will have to see if i will be able to stretch to a ed30 but i think a gti is more likely. The only other thing i have thought more recently is that as i am building a mk2 20vt at the moment is to get the tdi 170bhp and have the mk2 for weekends. Its a big decision as i would like the gti for everyday driving and i love the looks. I still havent actually got a satnav, can anyone tell me how good the built-in satnav is in the mk5? I want the tartan recaros but can anyone else tell me what other spec to look for as i am not 100% on the options, i hear i can get the cruise control added after. thanks
  3. Mk5 gti advice needed.

    Yeah i know cars always depreciate but i want something that i like and want which is a mk5 gti but if it depreciates less than others due to the manufacturer and quality then thats a bonus in the long run. Do you think that the ED30 will hold its value even better and longer due to being a special edition? Also on a slightly different note, how many did they make in the end? I heard it was going to be 1500 but then it ended up more.
  4. Mk5 gti advice needed.

    tipex, i thought that the Golfs were a decent car to buy for depreciation?! Are they really that bad in your eyes?
  5. Mk5 gti advice needed.

    Hi RedRobin, i was hoping to hear from you as i like the mods you have done to yours and after scouting around the forum saw you had owned yours for a while. I originally read your R32 test drive piece as well when i was hoping to afford one of those, good unbiased review. Do you think i will be able to get one for 6-7k taking into account that i wont be buying for a while or will they all be dogs at that price? I didnt realise that the tartans were so rare, having looked around pistonheads and autotrader i saw quite a few with them so thought it would be easy enough to get them but maybe not Have you had many problems with yours or has it all been pretty much plain sailing? If you were being honest do you think the Ed30 is worth the extra cash to buy or do you think the GTI will hold its value as well in relation to the buying price? I am worried that once the GTi gets a bit older and higher mileage the price will suddenyl drop especially if the mk7 comes out where as the Ed30 might always hold its valyue more due to it being a special / limited edition? thanks again Michael
  6. Mk5 gti advice needed.

    Hi, I am looking at getting a new car (new to me anyway) and I have been a big fan of the mk5 since it's release but never afforded one.anyway hopefully by Xmas I will have enough to purchase one.I had wanted the R32 but realistically the cost,running,tax etc just makes it out of my league.similar with the Ed30,would love one but buying price is still a bit out of my reach.so hopefully I can get a 200bhp GTI for 6-7k.I know it will be a challenge but I will wait for the right one.I want a low mileage 60,000 or less in black 3dr with tartan recaros and DSG. I would just like some advice/reviews on owning them and real life costs of running,maintenance etc. On another note would anyone recommend any other 3rd mk5 in the range over a GTI?I.e GTTDI in 140 or 170bhp?or what about the 1.4tfsi?(think I got the letters right!)what are the differences in tax across these models?do the 1.4 mentioned have good mpg? I prefer the looks of the GTI but I want to have the car 3-4 years and don't want it to cost stupid amounts,for reference I currently do quite low miles,about 5-6,000miles a year but i should be starting a new job in next 2 months which could put me nearer to 12,000-15,000 as a rough guess. Thanks Michael
  7. Best fun car for upto £8k

    sorry about that, i am slightly unsure as it will be payed but will be different sites / places of work. how does that work with tax?
  8. Best fun car for upto £8k

    arbarth 500s do look like a good bit of fun but not 100% sure i want one as maybe a bit small for commutes to work.
  9. BMW 123d

    how much can you pick these 123d's up for?
  10. Best fun car for upto £8k

    Hi, basically i will be looking for a car in the next 6 months and dont really want to spend more than 8k. I will be getting 40p a mile for all work driving which should be most of my driving. I want something fun, comfortable and reliable which hopefully doesnt depreciate too much either. It can be diesel or petrol as long as it has some driving experience. Thanks Michael