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  1. I have a Sokda Fabia SDI 2003 with 70000 miles and it has started making a blowing noise from the exhaust, however the exhaust is not leaking its also noisy from the tail pipe, its a complete new exhaust including the cat, its had a new cam belt and i have checked the timing twice and cam and pump are both spot on, I have removed and cleaned the EGR valve and it works fine I have also applied a vac to the EGR and the engine sounds the same with the valve open or closed. the engine starts and runs fine pulls fine and is doing around 60 mpg , has anyone any ideas? Thanks Dave
  2. skoda octavia sdi 02.exhaust noise

    Hi did you sort out the noise problem? as my fabia has started doing the exact same thing and i cannot get to the bottom of it. Dave