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  1. Evernote Security & Privacy

    Send them a rocket and see if you get a response back... TBH I do not think they ever touted it as being very secure - the free version for example when I first looked didn't even use SSL/TLS between the client and servers. Backlash has ripple and splash effects: https://evernote.com/legal/privacy.php https://evernote.com/security/ https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-encrypt-your-files-2487243 etc. Will be interesting to see if folks like Google Keep and co start offering online "strong box" type capabilities.
  2. Just saying hello

    Welcome from Down Under!
  3. Evernote Security & Privacy

    Yeah, PITA for PDFs, but not too hard on a Mac. Way more painful on a Windoze box. I'm apparently paid up till late 2018, so will bide my time and see if anything else comes along. I use Boxcryptor for all my "cloud" file stuff, but keeping things as files is also nowadays painful - even if it is available on all my machines, tablets nad phones (using a AES256 4096 bit key). Evernote's similarly useful as it too is on every device I have and thus sync'd.
  4. Evernote Security & Privacy

    All my sensitive stuff is encrypted. They state that if you do that, content cannot be read or retrieved without the pass phrase - you lose it, you lose it.
  5. Cambridge Autogleam - 2011

    Very cool. I had something similar applied to my ML500 and it is an amazing thing.
  6. Haynes motor museum

    So where is this wonderland located?
  7. Got one

    Nice wheels, not sure (personally) about how the VW group is squaring off all the styling though.
  8. The Grand Tour

    I did like their version of Battle Ship.
  9. Mercedes AMG GT R ‘Ring lap time: 7:10.92

    So quick! I love how the GT R keeps up with the GT3 until the fast twisties appear, then the GT3 just vanishes...
  10. Tyre Repairs Without Sealant

    Tyre plugs or proper patching can be done if the damage is in the main contact patch (not a sidewall), but that sounds quite dodgy to pull and inflate.
  11. The Grand Tour

    ep. 3 doesn't get any better
  12. 944 Turbo S - Project Time

    That is great stuff. Loved the bit about the steering pump and reservoir being pretty much the same as for a BMW. Labour of love! Must drive beautifully now.
  13. Sore neck.

    That is quite purple!
  14. Mercedes-Benz X-Class

    I want to see the AMG version.
  15. The new Toyota Hilux 2016 fails moose test

    more easily solved - don't buy one...