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  1. New pants please

    That will buff right out!
  2. A45 AMG

    Down here - none. Demand outstrips supply atm.
  3. More about the BMW 8 Concept (with pics)

    Something for them to chase the upper-end AMGs with, no doubt.
  4. Holy cr*p, a car thread!

    So Tipex, will they just "go to town" and reupholster the driver's seat - or look to replace it? It's a nice find, and will come up a million $ when detailed.
  5. Wörthersee Concept GTI

    my eyes! my eyes!
  6. My kind of art exhibition

    That is quite amazing... What put you on to it?
  7. Security warning

    Russians, Chinese and NorKs probably already have it... Be selling it to the USAliens after your GCHQ harvest it.
  8. E63. AWD, 604 Bhp, 627 lbft. Is that enough?

    No. Just ask Wopps...
  9. My RS Update

    Where is that particular spot?
  10. 720 Wop

    Be careful, people might mistake you for...
  11. New pants please

    Did the bub survive?
  12. 720 Wop

    Isn't that just beer money for you? Nice collection of modern road rockets you are accruing...
  13. To replace your P1 or to join the fleet as another stupidly quick car painted Worange?
  14. In production? This one:
  15. Wopps 918

    Some good photos but a very "meh" article. Basically, 918 whups NSX.