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  1. Cree 5 reversing lights

    I now have brighter cree Q5 7watt bulbs fitted can now really see where I am reversing on unlit roads that I use...
  2. Cree 5 reversing lights

    Point taken bulbs removed
  3. Cree 5 reversing lights

    ​ Pictures taken at 9 pm car reversing towards me and 20 feet from fence reversing lights on fence
  4. Banging Sounds

    I have had some thoughts on how to get a 1/4 wave horn into the space around the spare wheel, an ongoing project... Maybe a (fibre filled?) horn curved around the spare wheel if necessary (it's a horn) with one 6.5" DD sub http://www.ddaudio.c...ofers/sw65.aspxcalculations from website - Calculations providing the curve is taken into the calculations should work, down to 14hz; using L pads (another calculator) to limit the upper frequency. therefore augmenting the existing sub; I might use another amp that I have takes speaker level input, the battery is in boot or use the existing amp, providing I limit the total impedance to 2 ohms ( I know that people have taken existing amp down to a 2ohm Kicker sub) If I do it right it should work...
  5. Cree 5 reversing lights

    Whilst waiting for Matt @ partsulike Q5 :, Parts U Like for Renault, Audi, Peugeot and Citroen to comeup with a cree bulb with a wide beam ie no lens I have modified a pair of bulbs to fit by soldering tags onto the pins to thicken them so they plug in the bulbs are Osram Halostar IRC GY6.35 15V, life 4000hrs, either 25W/560lm if you tend to use reversing lights for a long time or 35W/860lm if not . They are much brighter than the W16W that were fitted and with a wide spread & only cost £3.50 the pair off fleabay.
  6. Banging Sounds

    As a hobby I used to be into sound systems both in my own car and giving talks on installing etc around the country. I still have some of the the CD's used to judge: I have had my Q5 for 2 weeks now, I have noticed that after giving the B&O a real workout with my sons I pad music mp3's at 320kbps and Test CD's (remarkably there is bass output from the 6.5 " sub woofer in the spare wheel below 20hz ) the balance has changed to a centre oriented mode,from my previous adjustments. I have also found that the only place that is phase perfect is with balance and fade set to centre.Though the stereo image moves as would be expected with the addition of passengers. I do not have access to a VAG-COM lead so can't get to infernal gubbins (VCDS?). I understand that a lot of the B&O wiring is via fiber optic cable, removing any chance of phase adjustment. I also understand that the set up is different on the B&O depending on seat material ie leather or cloth Back in the day I had (still have) a 7 band parametric graphic equaliser with discrete 5 channels & one 4" speaker wired out of phase compared to the other 25 speakers and 7 amp channels to get things perfect, even allowing for number of passengers & open windows. On the way back from Dorset last night I floated the idea of a additional 6.5" sub-woofer in what is known as a 1/4 wave folded horn enclosure to add to the bass, SHEMBO ambivalent, son supportive.
  7. Cree 5 reversing lights

    Just deciding on which cree 5 reversing lights to buy, I have a cree 5 torch that is literally brilliant, I carried this torch at work for 2 years with no problems...
  8. Daytime Running Lights

    Has any one replaced the halogen type headlight D.R.L bulbs on a late model q5, what is required, did you come at them from the belly pan or wheel arch,,I am talking about the straight line type under the headlight but still part of the headlight assembly, did you use LED's ??? Now that I have replaced the head light dip/main bulbs they are bright white (Ring H7 Ultima) the D.R.L's now look yellowish, looking to change them.
  9. Another trip to Poole

    We collected the car in the pouring rain, arriving home at 1220am, we did not use the car Thursday, Friday raining, I played with setting up the B&O (sub loosening up well) I noticed nothing amiss, my wife took a friend to see the car and my wife noticed that the registration number was wrong with 2 incorrect letters. emailed Poole Audi, their response was great they offered several options, however we used it as an opportunity to see our grand children, Poole Audi had new correct plates ready & fitted very quickly... hope I didn't trigger any cameras etc when it had duff plates. fuel gauge hardly moving 36.5mpg according to screen now has 290 miles on the clock.
  10. Collected Q5

    Now even more confused my son has some how activated voice control to late now but must investigate seems (no surprise) craigyb was right I was told all of the staff at Pool Audi used buttons not voice and you can store contacts ????????????
  11. Collected Q5

    It's p**sing down with rain Photos when dry... B&O far better than I expected we used my son's latest I pad with built in equaliser, listened to everything from Prodigy to Mumford & son, on radio classical music was also great... I'm a music tart with eclectic taste. And I used to have a car with 23 speakers 7 amp channels + parametric graphic equaliser, & for a hobby I used to lecture on sound system installation.
  12. Collected Q5

    First impressions, picked it up with delivery mileage. Even in the wet it held the road like a limpet. Comfortable. Memory seat/mirrors work well, my wife is taller than my 5'9" Dipped head lights like 2 glow worms in a black jar, ie absolute s**t going to fit new bulbs!!! Average fuel consumption 31.5 mpg still tight as a ducks a**e & 5 mpg better than the Kia Sorento it replaced. B&O sound system fantastic; my wife, son, daughter & 7 month grand son and me boogied all the way home from Dorset (Pool Audi) at loud volume... Still not keen on the fitted "standard mobile phone preparation-Bluetooth interface" with no voice control. Surprisingly I pressed the button on the 3 spoke wheel and a female voice said "voice commands" ? ? ?; Flappy paddle gear change useful on hills etc. no discernible throttle or gear change lag on s-tronic, my son who is at vehicle college commented on fast speed of gear changes.
  13. Upgrade headlights

    If they work im ok with that still ask how to replace the bulbs/remove headlight units
  14. Upgrade headlights

    How do I remove the bulbs/headlights
  15. PM's or replies

    Thanks folks guessed there must be a reason like that, just couldn't get an answer.