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  1. Hey all, I love my golf dearly, he's called Pedro and is my first car. I'm the kind of person who really wants to be able to fix things with him myself rather than get ripped off at a garage and so far I've been able to do so myself, but I've now got a new problem, and I'd love if any of you could help....Basically he runs fine, no problems starting or anything but recently he's started randomly cutting out when I press clutch and brake at the same time (eg changing gear) usually at low speeds but it has happened between 5-30miles an hour. Its not all the time, and its not everyday, but its enough to make me aware something isn't right.There's no juddering, no traditional stalling signs, and he starts up again first time. It's just literally like the engine is turning off.Any suggestions of how I can figure out the cause would be great.Cheers.