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  1. A6 2006 Faulton Xenon Light

    I bought these as cheap spares, cost about a £10 for pair. Ebayer link on YT video page. Here is qoute from a post I did on another forum:-
  2. A6 2.7 tdi 2005 coolant change help

    IIRC the A6 V6 has a few drain points due to the complexity of the cooling loop ... I hope you've done it now as your original post is dated 25/10/12! LOL ...
  3. Help please audi a6 2.7 tdi turbo issues

    Hi, I know been a few months since you posted ... i) on the V6 the turbo has a electric motor adjuster on the turbo that may have fault? ii) some other fault on the charge air system is cause boot fault? iii) the vanes on turbo sticking? A fault code / scan would help ... Hope as time has passed between your post and now you've had it fixed ... ATB G
  4. A6 2lt Tdi Turbo trouble

    On another forum I frequent someone was having this fault and there is a vacuum actuator on the inlet manifold which was at fault ... google for SSP412 Audi 2.0l 125 kW TDI Engine with Pump Injection System on page 14 you will see it ... Part no is 03G 129 061 C , description 'Vacuum unit' , approx. £11 @ dealers ...
  5. EGR Valve

    EGR valve have no CP ... there are 2 variants of EGR valve as 2004 - 2009 EU4 V6 TDi has a vacuum EGR valve, the 2009 - 2011 EU5 V6 TDi has a electronic one ... google for ssp 350 , this is the EU4 V6 PDF, view pages 30 & 31 ... google for 3000cc V6 TDI Audi , this is the EU5 V6 PDF, view pages 20-22 & 66 ... As I have a 2005 3.0 V6 TDi and am also doing some intake/EGR work to car here's a video of a new valve ...
  6. A6 avant parking sensors

    On my A6 (4f/C6)... before I bought VCDS... I found info on the web, that if you put your ear to each PDC sensor the one's which makes a clicking noise are working the one's which are silent do not work... On mine I just put car in reverse, engine does not need to be started, just ignition need to be in last position before engine start initiate...
  7. Early C6 - any issues to look out for

    Tiptronic is supposed to be more reliable than Multitronic... May have just been a bad one... I know someone who had a Multitronic on an 09 A6 2.0 TDi that was replaced at 30K under warranty, he owned from new... But a lot of people got Multitronic without issues as well... Maybe we just hear about the bad ones on a forum... You would think Audi would drop it if bad...
  8. MMI version

    It will be MMI 3G...
  9. Mirror dip in reverse?

    Hi, I have an A6 (C6 4F)... Mirror does tilt on reverse... without memory package... does remember only tilt setting per key... I have Std.elec seats, from factory my car had come with elec.folding/adjust/heated/dimming side mirrors... But the one on passenger side had a memory mirror on it... which has 7 wires to the mirror adjusting motor vs 3 wires to mirror adjusting motor... Once I did code change in module [52] +128 to enable memory mirrors... All work good for me...