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  1. Have just seen and found out that the auto boot lid option on the C6 was a £30 option, but it wasn't specified on mine! I am not on about the fully automatic boot on the avant, just the one on the saloon where it pops the boot when you use the remote. I have the boot release button on my key but it doesn't pop it all the way open. Does anyone know if you can retro fit this? If so whats the part numbers and how much? Thanks
  2. Remap advice/recommendations.

    I see, shouldn't be too bad as not so heavy footed in the Audi! Funds permitting at the end of the month, it looks like a trip to Shark!
  3. Remap advice/recommendations.

    Cheers fellas. Looks like Shark is the way to go then! Any ideas how much it will affect the mpg as I have be light footed as it is to get 40mpg!
  4. Looking in to getting a remap on my 2010 A6 2.0TDIe 140 and before i take the plunge was wondering if anyone has had it done and let me know how they got on. At the moment have narrowed it down to 3 providers being Shark Performance, Angel Tunning, Revo. Price wise they are all similar so really just want to know which is the best. thanks.
  5. nav dvd comes out ok and remember seeing a lanaguage disc in the folder. Crazy thing is the menus are all english but not the vioce on sat nav. Only notice becasue i had to use the sat nav. Gonna pop in to Audi anyways as its not really on as only picked it up the other week and have only had it use for a total of 4 days!
  6. Am i being really stupid but i cant seem to find anywhere on my MMI setup where i can change the guidance language. Have checked the manuals and done a google! Its stuck in German since i have picked it up from Audi after having the bluetooth sorted. Also my voice command is not working either. Have Audi fixed one problem and caused me some new ones or am i being just dumb. Please help!!!!!
  7. Picked up car this morning and bluetooth has been fixed! Apprantley they did a software update and this has sorted it out!
  8. Update: In the dealers awaiting examination and what ever fix is required So in a Q5 until saturday when i am free to pick it up!
  9. Think you maybe right craigyb as the unit wont eject the disc out neither. Dealers it is tomorrow then!
  10. I am 100% sure it is installed as i dont get the "Telephone not installed" message and i have the ability to turn the bluetooth off and on in the bluetooth menu. Only thing is all the options are greyed out still when bluetooth is switched on. I am correct in assuming that this should not be the case? Phone is definitely discoverable. Never had this much trouble with any other bluetooth devices. Is it a common problem for the bluetooth to fail? As i think that this is the case the more i try to connect the damn thing!
  11. Have been the first thing i try to do each time i turn ignition on! Thinking it gonna be a visit back to the dealers to test how good their customer services is!
  12. Have just picked up my 2010 Audi A6 today and have been trying to get the bluetooth working. I can see the option in the setup to turn it on, but when i do none of the other option become active. Have tried to search for it through my phone but no joy. Really feel like i am banging my head against a brick wall and feeling stupid. Am i missing bluetooth or am i being stupid? Thanks in advance.
  13. A6 2.0 TDIe Remap - Is it possible???

    Thanks Mook, will have a look.
  14. A6 2.0 TDIe Remap - Is it possible???

    fair shout was being lazy!