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  1. Are Premium brands worth the extra

    I certainly wasn't suggesting that reliability is the only reason that people buy a particular car. I meant that for many people reliabilty is far more important than image. Personally I don't care about image and certainly won't pay more for a car on the assumption that it would impress other people. I only had an Audi A4 1.8T Sport (in 2002) because my then employee allowed me £21K for a company car. I was very impressed with the quality of its interior and its general built quality but it wasn't worth the extra cost over the Honda Accord that replaced it. I accept that the A4 range has a number of models with much higher performance that any Accord, but that is not what I want from a car.
  2. Are Premium brands worth the extra

    Which other manufacturers were in the top 5? Where were Audi & BMW?
  3. Are Premium brands worth the extra

    I had a new Audi A4 as a company car. Went in twice under warranty in 5 months/12K miles. 2 Nissans - nothing went wrong in 3 years/70K miles each. 2 Hondas - nothing went wrong in 3 years/40K miles each. In reliability surveys Mazda, Toyota and Honda are consistantly in the top 5. Where are Mercedes, BMW, Audi? For many people reliability matters more than image.
  4. Concentrate exclusively on driving your car and make phone calls when stationary and engine switched off - hold phone to your ear. Problem solved!
  5. Which Netbook?

    The latest PCPro magazine has a test on 7 netbooks. Chose the Asus Eee PC 1001P at £219 as the best. The Toshiba NB305 at £265 and the Packard Bell dot s2 at £280 were also recommended. The winner in the Ultraportable group was the Packard Bell dot u at £449.
  6. Jersey ?

    I have been to Jersey numerous times over the last 30+ years as my sister-in-law is married to a Jersey farmer and lives in the centre of the island. Well worth hiring a car. Very few roads (2?) have 40mph limits, most are 30 or even 20. Many lanes are very narrow. A small hire car is all you will need. All hire cars carry an H-plate (referred to by the locals as Horror cars). Most hire car companies are near the airport and many also have an office in StHelier. Jersey is only 9x5 miles. I have taken my own car a few times but that now costs around £400 for car + 2 occupants! As we usually go for about a week, flying and hiring a car is cheaper, although we often can borrow a car from my s-in-l's family. Plenty to do on the island - your hotel should have leaflets. Your 6-year-old should enjoy the butterfly farm and the zoo (founded by Gerald Durrell) which has a great gorilla enclosure. Keep your wife away from Jersey Pearl as it could get expensive. Plenty of excellent beaches although some need a bit of a trek from the nearest place to park a car. This time of year the weather isn't much different to England. I have been in Dec/Jan and it was less cold than here.
  7. Road Traffic Incidents in Moscow (video)

    Quite a few of those 'accidents' were due to jumping red lights plus a number where drivers were just driving too fast and too close on wet city streets. Did you notice the number of passing drivers who drove close to the accident and sometimes over wreckage at speed.
  8. Astra Sport Coupe - Spied!!!

    And the same bit of bodywork visible through right-bottom of wheel!
  9. Recommendation of a new notebook

    Isn't the 8-hour battery life only with the optional larger capacity battery and very light use (no intensive calculation or graphics, etc.)
  10. replacement PC monitor

    I can recommend the Samsung 2494HM 1920x1080 Currently PCPro mag's best buy Has D-sub, DVI & HDMI connections plus height-adjustable stand. 3-year on-site warranty and 2-port USM hub. I bought the earlier 2493HM (1920x1200) for around £250 and the latest 2494HM monitor is around the same price. A friend of mine bought one a few weeks ago and loved it so much he bought another to run a 2-monitor set-up.
  11. Very odd looking car, Turns out to be a Bristol

    Bristol were putting the spare wheel (and battery) in the front wings when I worked there back in the late 1960's.
  12. Citreon DS3 & new Astras

    Front of new Astra is not as distinct as the outgoing model. Looks like a Kia or Hyundia. Interior is a definite improvement over the last model but the versions I looked at may have all been higher end rather than base models.
  13. Mis-Fueled, quick answer needed.

    8%?? Does the Golf really have a 120 litre (26 gallons) fuel tank? That would give a range of over 1000 miles! Or do you mean 16%?
  14. Jazz or Fiesta

    Perhaps that is because they are mature enough to judge a car on its merits rather than a perceived image? Haven't a clue why 'Vauxhall Corsa VXR' is shown under my name. I certainly didn't put it there. As you may have guessed I own a Honda (and I'm 63!)
  15. new 22" monitor

    PCPro mag. recommend the Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM (under £200). I have the earlier 2493 and it is superb - 24" & 1920x1200 . Look under monitors on A-List Reviews | PC Pro for their other recommendations of cheaper (from around £120) and more expensive monitors. Also full reviews are accessible from that web page.