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  1. Hi, As per ebay ad: BMW E46 16" Alloy Wheels x 3 | eBay More pics: BMW E46 Alloys For Sale - a set on Flickr You can contact me here for questions no problem, transaction through ebay please unless that is a real problem. Regards Graham
  2. 8P 2.0 TDI Service Schedule (Inspections)

    Things are clearer now I have the car. The car has had an inspection and all is up to date and no scheduled work for a year as it should be. That said the pollen filter had not been marked as changed and that was the only additional work item that was due between new and 2 years. For £17 for an original one and 10 mins to fit, I have just popped a fresh one in and won't loose any sleep over it.
  3. 8P 2.0 TDI Service Schedule (Inspections)

    Of course it does. Given I don't have the car and want to find out before I do, is why I have posted here asking assistance from someone that does have a service book and can easilly check or post up a pic of the relevant pages.
  4. I secured an 11K mile 2011 A3 yesterday at an Audi dealer. I was paying so much attention to whether it had had an oil service (I was pleased to find it had been on fixed intervals from new and had actually had 2 oil changes) that I completely overlooked the inspection service aspect. I need to figure out what inspection should it of had and when would the next scheduled work is to be expected. Now if it has any scheduled service work coming up soon I am sure I can arrange it, as the approved used conditions dictate this. I might need to remind the dealer however, hence some fact finding So can anyone assist me in identify the service schedule (most specifically the inspection and additional work rather than oil) for a 2.0 TDI quattro (manual) please? thanks Graham
  5. Hi, As per the title. Will a 2011 A3 with the double DIN Concert headunit be quadlock connections or mini ISO? thanks Graham
  6. 8L A3 Sat Nav

    Thanks Paul very useful. I had meant 8P - thought about it and still got it wrong! The media button is a good tip, the later unit would be good to find.
  7. 8L A3 Sat Nav

    Hi, Would a 2009/2010 A3 satnav be the RNSE or a different unit? thanks Graham
  8. B8 S4 likes a lot of oil

    The B8 3.0 TFSI can drink 0.5 litres every 1000km according to the owners manual, which is only approx 620 miles. So 1 litre every 1250 miles or so would be regarded normal. Personally mine has used a full litre in 1600 miles. I will only do around 6k miles a year and like to exercise the performance when practical, so I am on 10k mile or annual oil services. At this rate I am still looking at nearly 4 litres of top up between oil changes! It is a little alien to me as my 14 year old 2.7 V6 bi-turbo never required a top up between services in 6 years!
  9. Maybe, that would be handy if possible. It is strange how it is functionality of some s-tronic models and not others.
  10. No I'm happy with the s-tronic. I've driven manuals for 15 years and I wanted a change. The upshifts when pressing on are something else, they make the car so much more capable in my opinion.
  11. It was the VW DSG box I read this about, but the s-tronic on my S4 does not seem to behaive the same. I intuitively tried holding the plus paddle and also tried holding them both, before I even started checking the manual and the web. It would be odd if you cant do what I'm after as otherwise it does seem to be a bit of a gap in functionality. I'll have to live without if the s-tronic doesn't feature this but I'd be much happier if I find there is a paddle sequence to acheeve this. Using the gear selector is clumbsy and the automatic reverting is not as quick as I want it most of the time. Great when you do want to hold a gear or use the paddles again, but not if it was just a random paddle down shift or too (much smoother than the kickdown). I can't be the first s-tronic driver to want to do this...
  12. Hi all, I've checked the manual this time, so here's to hoping this is not a daft question. When driving in S (or D) auto modes and using the paddles to shift (and therefore going into manual mode), is there a control sequence via the paddles to revert back to auto (S or D)? I like down shifting with the paddles but then want to be able to flick it back into S without waiting for the box to figure I finished using the paddles. Sometimes I am finding myself using the gear selector to move from S to D and back again to get out of manual mode, all a bit awkward. I am sure I read with DSG boxes holding the + paddle for two seconds reverted to auto but this does not work and there is no mention in the manual. Is there a trick I am missing? Thanks in advance, Graham
  13. MK Meet - Weds 5th Sept

    Very pleasant meet, very welcoming group of enthusiasts.
  14. TOP tip, that alarm is annoying!