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    Retired Petrol Head, or is it Diesel Head ?!recently acquired first BMW,after years of VW Passats, and a Golf GTD.Wish I had bought a GTI now.


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  1. Irritating I Series Squeaks & Rattles !!

    Thanks Biscuits & Co, Consolation, of course, actually this is the 143bhp N47 version, so I should have realised it would not pull like the GTD,however you are so right about a lot of it not actually feeling so quick,when really,it is. An Angel remap will give around 175 bhp,and this should do the trick.Thanks for your prompt reply,I am still tearing out what remains of my hair over the clutch-spring and the buzzing,though.
  2. Just bought a 2009 120D M Sport, no miles on it to speak of, and just returned my company 2010 Golf GTD 170.Thought that they would be similar in some ways,nasty shock to realise the BMW isnt a patch on the Golf GTD,not in build-quality, finish, performance,or economy,and it has come with all the unrequired "Extras" that I have read about on these forums,a particularly irritating squeak on the clutch -Spring, and an aggravating and untraceable rattle in the Fascia,in the area of the vents. That said, its a beautiful car,and handles well... Might look at re-mapping to give some GTD performance,keen to hear any advice on all the above,please.