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  1. Hi All Currently have a Golf MK4 1999 model which has recently passed it's MOT. Main problem is the power loss. When you first start the car it slows down until it reaches 2500 revs after which it picks up speed a little faster. However the turbo does not kick in at all. A couple of weeks ago if I let the car cool down after a journey where the engine heats up the turbo would work however recently that has stopped too. I will drive a long the motorway and if there is a slight hill I could be doing 90 and it will slow down to 78MPH. At first I thought it may be the airmass Meter or airflow sensor however I tried a new one and this made it worse. It seems that the turbo is unable to kick in at all. Any garage I have been to says my turbo is fine. Anyone else experienced this issue? Your help is appreciated