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  1. How do i check my temp qauge??

    We have a Mk4 1.4 Golf (V reg) and have had really bad hot starting problems. When you try to start from hot it will not start and when it does it will rev to about 3000 revs. (variable) and chuck a lot of smoke out. I think it maybe that the coolant sensor is giving a 'cold' signal to the ECU when the engine is hot. I have been told it may be the coolant temp sensor. Apparently there are two of these - one supplying the ECU and one the temp gauge - a green one ueunderneath the plastic cowling and a blue one on top. Please advise me. Many thanks John & Trish
  2. Mk2 VW Scirocco for sale

    I've only posted twice and my second post is advertising a car, which is neither within the spirit of a forum community, nor within the rules that I signed up to when I joined.