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  1. 1995 VW Golf overheating - sometimes.

    thanks again Cuprabob - it will be sitting on my drive until its fixed
  2. 1995 VW Golf overheating - sometimes.

    Thank you! think i'm going to have to get it looked at. Just drove for 30mins and it was flashing at me 15 mins in. Got home, parked up, turned the engine off the the coolant went mental - bubbling, a lot of steam. Fan didn't kick in either
  3. Hi, i got a 1995 VW golf (automatic) about 4 weeks ago. All was fine until it started overheating - checked coolant, it was empty, so topped it up. Was fine for a week or so but pass few times i have driven has started over heating again. the strange thing is, the temp goes up and down. and there doesn't seem to be any particular reason for heating up - temp can go up when the car is going or when stationary. But then 5 mins later the temp is back to the middle of the gauge again. anyone come across this problem before?