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  1. It’s time for some more rolling road action and what’s better than that big engine sound? The Saturday 10th September: V8, V10 or W12 Audi’s but open to other marques that can make the same noise. Sunday 11th September: Anything goes - let the V6, inline 5's and 4 cylinders see if they can match the Saturday noise. Saturday evening will involve food and drink, TBC nearer the time, based on what people want. Choices include Frankie & Benny’s, the pub next to the Holiday Inn or pizza’s delivered to the Holiday Inn just up the road from MRC. We will then retire to the Holiday Inn. Event Location MRC Tuning Unit C Thorpe Mead Thorpe Way Ind Est Banbury OX16 4RZ MRC Tuning - Custom engine management for Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen The rolling road sessions will run from 09:30 – 17:00 each day, with a maximum of 25 cars for each. Participants will need to sign the usual disclaimer and participants run at their own risk. There will be a barbeque at lunchtime, you’ll all need to bring some meat, MRC will provide the rest. Alternatively, a sponsor for the meat for would work too! Alcohol will be allowed during the day - for those not driving at least! Add your name to the list to run @ £ 45 per car, this can be paid via the AudiSRS forum shop, by cheque, bank transfer (PM DavidT on AudiSRS.com :: Index for the details of these) or by paypal to shop@audisrs.com The running order will be confirmed a week or so before the event, we will do our best to make it work for everyone. Meal Location Choices include Frankie & Benny’s, the pub next to the Holiday Inn or pizza’s delivered to the Holiday Inn. Add your name to the list so we know how many places to book. Hotel Holiday Inn Express Ermont Way Stroud Park Banbury OX16 4AE 01295 234 567 http://www.hiexpress.co.uk/h/d/ex......questid=368237 Please book direct with the hotel. Please add you name to the list in the event thread on AudiSRS.com, here: AudiSRS.com :: Log in
  2. After the success of our last Bedford event in January, AudiSRS is holding another trackday on Saturday 18th April. There will be a good mix of VAG cars there, including some very fast ones In the evening we are having a dinner & a party at Staverton Park. We have another excellent deal for dinner, bed & breakfast. Bedford Autodrome Trackday Welcome to Bedford Autodrome On the 4.2 mile GT circuit, open pitlane. It is a super venue for trackday virgins & veterans alike. Full Day £179.10, half day £107.50 after applying our 10% discount. Dinner & Party: Staverton Park De Vere Venues : Staverton Park Pricing for 4 course dinner, bed & breakfast is £59 for a single, £69 double, dinner only is £24.95pp, all inc. VAT. This hotel was very well received by those who used it after our last Bedford trackday. Other things to do at Staverton Park include: Indoor pool, gym, solarium, spa and sauna and steam rooms, 2 beauty treatment rooms, pool table, golf - 18 hole championship course, driving range, pro shop. Everyone is welcome. For more information & to book, please visit: AudiSRS.com :: Log in (registration required)
  3. You're most welcome to attend sir
  4. Yes, I am. I trust you are the same chap ?
  5. Hello all, over on AudiSRS.com :: The place for performance Audi we are running rolling road days (North & South) on Saturday 28th March. I wondered if some of you would be interested? I have posted all the details below because you need to be registered to view the thread over there. Please register & post if you want to attend thread here: AudiSRS.com :: Log in Rolling road days are always well attended, they are a good social meet up & there is plenty of interest generated by participating cars. We ran separate days at Surrey Rolling Road (Surrey ) & Dyno Demon (Wirral) late last year, so we thought running both on the same day would be interesting: Saturday 28th March. Surrey Rolling Road Ltd, Unit 120, Qinetiq Chobham lane, Surrey, KT16 0EE Surrey Rolling Road £35 per car, payment up front please via cheque. Min 13 cars. 1st car on at 10am. Max around 25 cars. Adam is looking after this one Dyno Demon Limited 5 Westwood Court Clayhill Industrial Park Neston Wirral CH64 3UJ www.dynodemon.co.uk £ 35 per car, payment up front please by bank transfer or paypal (please add the fee to payment for paypal) to ScottR. Min 13 cars, first car 09:30, max 25 cars ScottR is running this
  6. Audi S3 meet - Santa Pod - Sunday 20 May

    Here are a couple more videos for you chaps: My quickest run from inside the car: And one someone else took of his mate with a turbo S2000 & me my last run (13.05 - forgot to switch the ESP off!)
  7. Audi S3 meet - Santa Pod - Sunday 20 May

    The new S3's looked great and they go well too. CSL's sound great - induction & exhaust. Daz won the sound contest though
  8. Audi S3 meet - Santa Pod - Sunday 20 May

    Great day fellas, nice to meet up with lots of you. The quickest B5 S4's did 12.4's
  9. Spy photos - New A4

    It is the same car underneath as the A5/S5 i.e. the B8 chassis.
  10. anyone with vag-com in or around crewe?

    Sandbach I have vag-com but no knowledge of what you want to do - is that any help ? craigyb know everything about it mind
  11. Audi S3 meet - Santa Pod - Sunday 20 May

    LOL at steve. I'm gonna take my own food I think :nodder: Looks like being a great turnout, the RS246 thread is here chaps http://www.rs246.com/index.php?name=PNph...asc&start=0
  12. Audi S3 meet - Santa Pod - Sunday 20 May

    Shaping up nicely we just need the rain to stay away.
  13. Audi S3 meet - Santa Pod - Sunday 20 May

    See you all there guys, look out for the S4's from rs246
  14. North West Meets

    LOL at Peter. Very enjoyable evening. Thanks everyone, see you next time.