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  1. Very nice A3 bodykit

    weather is superb at the moment... I would guess that Autumn won't be too cold either - you'll love it
  2. Very nice A3 bodykit

    [ QUOTE ] (Plus, it was a good excuse to meet up with Tim , send him my regards next time y'all talk ) [/ QUOTE ] peekaboo!
  3. Nurburgring this Sunday Oct 12

    damn - I was in London from Sept 19 until Sept 26, but it had been so long since I was on this forum I wasn't sure if any of the UK guys would remember me Is Blue in Canada looking for the gay clubs or something?!
  4. NL, BE & DE meet 16/08/03 @ The Ring.

    if you want to do it again, I'll see you there!
  5. Guys, The Nurburgring is open all day this Sunday and I am going to be there... Would be good to see the likes of Blue and Loys and Drill (and whoever else is in the region) coming along to join in the fun! We are driving a silver E Class Benz (German plates DN-SKxxxx) and probably won't take it out on the track, instead probably asking some old bloke in a porker for a passenger ride instead, but who knows? Anyway, I don't know if I'll see this thread again before Sunday, so by all means post your interest here, but if you want to talk to me, call me or SMS/text me on +61417689709. Cheers, Tim Drill - I need to catch up with you anyway!
  6. NL, BE & DE meet 16/08/03 @ The Ring.

    hey thats a cool idea - thanks for the tip... Do these guys usually carry spare helmets?! I'm on the continent from Sept 29 until Oct 19 - starting and finishing in Frankfurt
  7. Rally school!

    As I read through this thread I was thinking "Septemer - YES! I can go too!" I won't be around in November Sounds like fun though!
  8. NL, BE & DE meet 16/08/03 @ The Ring.

    if you made it the 16th October I'd be there I phoned the other night to book a lap in the ring taxi for October and the girl chuckled and said "October *THIS* year? It's booked out until March!" I still want to go to the 'ring anyway Will have an E Class Benz as a hire car but I think driving that on the track is a bad idea...
  9. new MINI Cooper S

    nothing wrong with my S It's built after July which is when BMW got their act together There are still a few "known issues" but nothing major. My plastic coolant bottle in the engine bay has been leaking a little bit but thats common. Certainly nothing about a removable handbrake. Funny you should mention that - the handbrake in my A3 failed once and I was without it for 8 weeks due to parts delay, and the handle was always removeable after that. Shows how safety conscious Audi Australia are doesn't it
  10. sorry to hear of your bad luck... I have been booked twice in the mini since I got it. The second fine may include a short holiday from driving has certainly changed my bahaviour - but what happened to you is just bloody rude
  11. new MINI Cooper S

    Hey Drill, how are you? The MINI is great! It's so much fun to drive! The faster you go the better it is... and *EVERYONE* looks at it (they are still pretty new here). We reckon it's the automotive equivalent of having a big set of tits! The interior is pretty good actuylly - it's very different and funky, but it suits me, I like it. I have sat nav, so there's an LCD screen in the centre, and the speedo and tach are small gauges on the steering column - looks way better, and slightly more conventional. There's plenty of room, only problem I have is getting my knees under the steering column when getting in, I'm about 6'1" tall. Back seat is even usable - it's actually the boot space where you lose out, but that doesn't bother me. I can post some pictures if you want? Later... Tim yeah, whats going on with smilies in this forum?!
  12. So this is where you guys have been hiding!

    thanks Blue been in these A3 forums since the start, so I thought I should keep up the tradition... my new car is an S... pity it's not the real thing
  13. new MINI Cooper S

    well, I've got one, so I thought I'd kick off a thread Loads more fun than my non turbo A3, but the Audi looked better... anyone else? Tim... (couldn't afford $7k a year to insure an S3 )
  14. new MINI Cooper S

    minicoops-ML-2147-ML- Moved this as we created a dedicated Mini Cooper S forum
  15. So this is where you guys have been hiding!

    after getting some mass emails about some changes I thought I'd drop in and see whats going onm after I defected to the "other side" This site is really nice, think I'll have to start posting again! is there an ETA on being back up? Tim