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  1. Is Quattro much better than 1.8T Sport?

    Agreed - I was going to get quattro originally on my A4 but it knocked the mpg and performance down a few notches. With a 1.9TDi engine I thought it would be a bit pointless going for quattro, however with a more powerful engine I can certainly see the benefits. I spent the quattro cash on more gadgets/options instead
  2. I just can't stop.....

    [ QUOTE ] Go on - showus your bum [/ QUOTE ] Hands off I saw it first, join the queue!
  3. Best way to deliver MP3s on a site

    [ QUOTE ] Also, mate reckons mp3 loses too much and is talking about wanting wavs up there too. So potentially its the above x 2 (1 for each format). [/ QUOTE ] Not sure about the downloading links, but MP3's will be fine if sampled at a decent rate. All of these new "internet music download sites" use MP3's with the artist and record industry's blessing, they certainly wouldn't use MP3 if they didn't think it was good enough. Forget the wav's
  4. Light gun & plasma

    [ QUOTE ] Are you not worried about screen burn on your plasma? [/ QUOTE ] No I fancy a new one as it's a few years old so a bit of screen burn would be an ideal excuse!!
  5. Changing Xenon dip settings

    [ QUOTE ] The car is going to be fairly heavily laden, so I'm not sure how much downward adjustment will be left. [/ QUOTE ] Aren't they auto-levelling...?
  6. 6 Series BMW Cab

    Yeah I agree it looks like it doesn't belong to it...
  7. I just can't stop.....

  8. George Bush - Another joke!!

    [ QUOTE ] Helpfull as ever. [/ QUOTE ] Trust me, if _anybody_ else had asked, I would have given them the right answer...
  9. GTA San Andreas

    Deffo - you need to get a PS2 and an xbox purely for GTA (like I did!). If I _HAD_ to choose between one or the other though, the xbox would win hands down due to the superior power.
  10. George Bush - Another joke!!

    [ QUOTE ] LMAO? EXPLAIN. [/ QUOTE ] Lick My Arse Out
  11. A4 Avant 1.9TDI - 1997 P - 77k miles - £6,450

    Didn't you only just buy this, or am I getting confused?
  12. [ QUOTE ] For some reason I can never get on to the site as it says my ip address is banned. but I can't for the life of me think why it would be, unless they have banned someone else with the same six numbers at the start? [/ QUOTE ] I can get on it fine... It does say that they have put a block on any perverts, troublemakers, or known drug dealers from accessing the site on the home page though.
  13. 5th Gear......

    [ QUOTE ] I prefer to skip to page three, and the first two are usually way too confusing. [/ QUOTE ] Now you've gone and put us on to page 3, I hope the info wasn't cut & pasted on to page 2, as I am too lazy to click back and check.
  14. Insurance for a 17yr old is stupid

    Have you tried ""? Not sure how they work out for young drivers but they saved me a fortune.
  15. 5th Gear......

    [ QUOTE ] Are you to lazy/sleepy to look at my post on page one of this thread? [/ QUOTE ] I am, can you cut & paste quickly before we go on to page 3?